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October 21, 2019

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Welcome to 2nd Quarter!

You all did it! You made it through one quarter of the school year! Thank you for being here and giving your heart and soul to each other and our students. Your hard work is most appreciated.

I hope you had a restful fall break where you were able to do whatever fills your soul with joy. My family each generated one "must do" idea during fall break - which included ice skating, beating back the laundry monster pile, picking/carving pumpkins, and cuddling to watch a movie - and we checked them all off our list. I'll let you guess who suggested what.

I have missed you all and can't wait to see your smiling faces tomorrow! Have a fantastic week!


Staff Update

Friday was an emotional day for many of us as it was Lana's last day at MMA. Thank you for taking the time to create her gift and to shower her with love on her last day. Thank you for allowing your students to say goodbye in their own ways. She will be missed.

As we will not be replacing the assistant director's position - we have divided up her job responsibilities and wanted to communicate to you who you can see if you have questions about:

Certification/Licensing - René

SIT - Dana and Nicoletta

EYE - Nicoletta

Time off requests - René (special ed staff still gets Dana's initials before putting in René's box)

These are only the big-ticket items. We know that Lana did much, much more to support you all on a daily basis. Please never hesitate to reach out if you need something. The support team will do our best to figure out who is the best person to help you.

I've heard some of you say that you don't want to bother me; and, that is my job - to take care of you. You are not bugging me. If you have something to discuss, please schedule an appointment, even if just for 15 minutes - so I can give you the undivided attention you deserve. Autumn or Amanda can get you on my calendar.

Speaking of scheduling - many of your goals meetings were cancelled due to various reasons. Look for an invitation in your inbox and let me know if you need a meeting but have not received a meeting request by end of the day Wednesday.

Thanks for your patience and grace as we re-center after Lana's departure.


We have ordered on box of paper for each teacher and it should be delivered Monday. Please sign off that you received your box during the day Monday. Autumn and Amanda will have this list. We discussed providing each teacher a box of paper to use as you see fit as a way of conserving supplies. This means that you will need to bring paper with you when you go to make copies. Let's see how far this box gets us. I will expect your lead teachers to communicate with me if more paper is necessary.

Like we discussed, I think it is crucial for you to have the resources to do your job well. We just have to figure out how to best do that and conserve at the same time.

I am still waiting to hear official word from our accountants to see if it is ok/legal to provide additional teacher supply money in a check-form, like we did this year with legislative funds.

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New Quarter, New Duties

On Monday, carpool duties change. Teachers who are signed up for carpool duty include: Mikaela, Shauna, Jalee, Angela, Karen, Colton, Kirsten, Leslee, Giuseppe, Shanan, Craig, Andria, Dore, and Kim. Please check the map and description of your duty which is posted in the workroom. Ask Autumn if you need clarification. Be at your spots by 8:10am for AM duty and as close to 3pm as humanly possible for PM duty.

Crossing Guard Procedures

At un-signalized (without a traffic light) crosswalks, it is the responsibility of the crossing guard to determine when children cross based on gaps in traffic flow. A guard who is assigned to an un-signalized crosswalk on an undivided street should:

  • Stand near the curb or edge of the street, on the side from which children are approaching.
  • Stop children a safe distance back from the curb or edge of the street, or behind a “stand-back” line. Instruct children to cross only on the guard’s signal.
  • Teach children who approach a crossing on a bicycle, scooter, or skateboard to dismount and push the bicycle or scooter or carry the skateboard across the street as a pedestrian.

A guard enters the street in the following sequence:

  1. Wait for a gap in traffic on the guard’s side of the street.
  2. Face the closest oncoming traffic and make eye contact with the approaching drivers.
  3. Walk to the center of street with the STOP paddle held high.
  4. Where there are more than two lanes, enter the street and alert the traffic one lane at a time.
  5. Face opposite approaching traffic and make eye contact with those drivers.
  6. Stand on the crosswalk line close to the center of the street and make sure that all traffic has stopped, including any turning vehicles.
  7. Face the intersection.
  8. Verbally instruct the children to cross and tell them to look left-right-left while crossing and proceed across the street within the marked crosswalk.
  9. Do not allow any cars to cross the crosswalk until all the students have crossed.
  10. Remain in the center of the street until the last child reaches the opposite side of the street.
  11. Walk to the curb or edge of the street with the STOP paddle and/or stop-arm held high the entire way. When back at the curb or edge of the street, lower hand(s) and allow traffic to flow again.
  12. Remain near the curb or edge of the street for the next group of children to assemble.
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Red Ribbon Activities

Tuesday, October 22 - KICK OFF Assembly & Speaker in the Big Gym

Speaker Schedule:

  • 9-9:30am - LE
  • 9:40-10:10am - UE
  • 10:20-10:50am - JH

Red Ribbon / Spirit / Halloween Week - Next Week

We purposely scheduled all of this mass pandemonium in one week and will not be doing an additional spirit week in May. Please advertise this and/or the flier from MAPA below on your blogs.

M Oct. 28 - Door Decorating; Grade color wear

T Oct. 29 - Mismatched or crazy socks

W Oct. 30 - Crazy hair

Th Oct. 31 - Wear a team jersey/shirt & 1st Place Door Prize pizza party

Fri Nov. 1 - Wear a sweatshirt / hoodie

Other Events This Week

Class pictures will be taken on Tuesday, October 22nd in the Little Gym

Play Practice - Wednesday and Thursdays now - 3-4pm (for students)

JH Hope Squad Meeting - Thursday, October 24th - 3-4pm (for students)

Box Top Store - Thursday, October 24th

JH Intersession - Thursday and Friday, October 24th and 25th

LE Ballet West Assembly - Friday, October 25th - 10-10:50am in the Big Gym. *An accompanying study guide was emailed earlier this week.*

Hope Squad Training - Saturday, October 26th (for students)

ICYMI - Click here for the October 7th N&B

I emailed N&B instead for the week of October 14th.