WTMS Library News

November 2021

Promoting Literacy at Home

  1. Teens love choice. Let your teen pick books that interest them.
  2. Talk to your teen about what they're reading.
  3. Listen to audiobooks in the car together.
  4. Model reading for them! Go to the library together to pick out books.
  5. Encourage teens to write.
  6. Read books that have been adapted for the screen then watch together.

Books @ the Movies: Watch Adaptations of Novels

Check out a copy of these titles then watch the adaptation - which did you like better?

Bookish Things to Do Together

Make food inspired by novels!

November 7-13: International Games Week

Playing games helps students develop computational thinking:

  • Decomposition: taking a problem and breaking it down into a series of smaller, more manageable parts
  • Pattern Recognition: looking at parts for similarities between and within other problems
  • Abstraction: Focusing on the important details whilst ignoring irrelevant information
  • Generalization: looking for solutions to other problems and adapting them to solve new problems
  • Algorithms: simple steps or rules to solve each of the smaller problems
  • Evaluation: analyzing solutions to look for improvements

Watch the WTMS Library Schoology group for printable games to try at home. Try playing an online escape room together.

School & Public Library Partnerships

Did you know that the Saint Paul Public Library offers homework help for students of all ages?

Students can take the city bus to the Rice Street Library or any public library branch for in-person help for students of ALL ages or log in using their LibraryGo card for online help.

Learn more here.

Saint Paul Public Library Homework Centers
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Reading Online: LibraryGo Card

Student can access digital materials from the St. Paul Public Libraries including eBooks, audiobooks, and databases using their LibraryGo cards. Additionally, students may borrow up to 10 physical items from any SPPL branch.

If you have questions please email Stephanie Krajicek (stephanie.krajicek@spps.org).