The Big Bang

Allissa Hernandez


What is destructive, and is believed by some people that this created the Earth, and the Universe ? If you guessed the Big Bang, the Yes you are right. The big bang was discovered by Georges Lemaitre. he was a physics teacher. He studied biology and also he taught it too. Then he started to study Science, which he really loved to do. After he was doing science for a while he started to study the solar system.


Why is it called the Big Bang ? This theory is called the Big Bang, because the Universe started in one huge explosion. When the Big Bang happened, there was an explosion.This explosion caused lots of Neutrons, Protons, and Electrons and other (trons). Eventually time went on and all of the different (trons) crashed into each other making some of the planets we have today.

The scientist that developed this theory, think the universe was created about 13.7 billion years ago. Second galaxies are being found, and moving farther away from us. Georges Lemaitre discovered this by Looking in an observatory and noticing that there was like an explosion type of looking in our galaxy.


The Big Bang is not for sure, it is just a theory. But scientists think that they are 99% sure they just have no real proof/Evidence that this is true. Which means that they can not be 100% sure YET! Some of the public think the research is against their religious belief, which they don’t like so they try and protest. Scientists are finding out that it is more difficult to find hard evidence, that the Big Bang really happened.

The universe is still growing! Scientist think this because during the big bang it was so powerful it is still slowly moving, expanding our universe as we live. The reason is because the explosion is slow, ny it being slow but by it being slow it is pushing out planets further into our new galaxy.


Scientist think eventually our galaxy will collide with another galaxy. Which will make/find more and more new planets. Or it might make the planets we have today crash into each other and blow up. Galaxies outside of our milky way, are moving away from us, at a great rate of speed. One of the goals of many scientists is to decide whether our universe will keep expanding forever, or if it will one day stop, turn around, and collapse ending life as we know today.

Scientists are still trying to find what would have caused this huge explosion. The universe started out in a tiny bubble, with heat inside, which was destructive. Then suddenly the tiny, little bubble suddenly exploded. Which caused our earth and universe causing the galaxy to expand and which means newer planets which could mean new discoveries such as life. That is another theory scientists have today but they are not sure, they just need a little more evidence, which they will get in the future.


Overall, using all of this information you can make an inference that the Big Bang did really happened. One reason why is because you now know about the Big Bang’s history. You know who created it. You also learned about the current and why they decided it was just a theory and not a real statement yet, that can not be recorded. And lastly you learned about the future. Which means that you learned that Scientist have a theory inside of a theory about deciding if the earth will expand forever or collapse. So knowing all of this means that you know almost everything except, did the Big Bang happen or not?