The Triple Decker School

Save the Land

The Overall Problem

Northwest Independent School District is overpopulating rapidly. Because of the rapid growth, they are having to build more and more schools which is resulting in land being destroyed.

Problems Caused by NISD Growth

  1. People are destroying animal’s homes.
  2. Foxes are relocating into backyards.
  3. People are cutting down trees.

Evidence of the Problems:

  1. Foxes are searching for food in stores.

  2. More animals perish because they do not have shelter.

  3. Animals are getting hit by cars because they do not have shelter.

Our Proposal

We could build a school on top of another school to save more land. For now on, if the Triple Decker School is accepted, we will build two elementary schools and one middle school all together in one big school. One giant elementary school (equivalent to two elementary schools) will be on the bottom floor while the middle school is on the top floor. The stairs would be outside so that the middle schoolers would be separate from the elementary school. If this happens then we will be able to grow and save land.

Our Proposal

Positives of Following Our Proposal:

1. You will save animals lives.

2. You will not destroy as many animals homes.

3. Animals will not go into people's backyards and perish.

Consequences of Not Following Our Proposal:

1.You will kill animal habitats.

2. Then schools will take land from animals.

3. More animals will relocate into backyards and perish.