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"Fresh From the Farm" - Achieve 3000 ISTEP Bonus Lesson

Getting Started

To get started on this elearning lesson, listen to my voice!

If you get started on the lesson and have questions for me you can reach me by email haasek@swparke.k12.in.us

on Tuesday, May 17th and Thursday, May 19th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.

What is a Farmer's Market?

What do you think a farmer's market is? What do you do there? Who would you see? Do you live in an area where you could find a farmers market? If your not sure, or need more information, watch this video to learn more. This video will help you to do the next activity, and it will also help you to better understand your Achieve 3000 article.


Spider Map

Now that you have watched the video, and have a little extra information about what a farmer's market is, lets complete the Spider Map in your packet. On the spider map you will do two things:

  • On the top four lines (or legs of the spider) you will list 4 things that you could purchase at a farmer's market.
  • On the bottom 4 lines (or spider legs) you will list 4 reasons why you should shop at a farmer's market.

This activity will help me to see that you have watched the video and understand the topic that we will be covering in your Achieve 3000 article.

Achieve: Steps 1 and 2

Now you are going to login to Achieve 3000 and get started on your lesson! This lesson will be on your home screen or dashboard as soon as you login. The title of this article is: Fresh From The Farm - ISTEP Bonus Lesson. If you don't see it you can always do a search for it, just like we do in class.

For Step 1 you will respond to the statement with your opinion, but remember you need to make sure you write in complete sentences and restate part of the statement in your answer, just like we do in class.

For Step 2 you will be reading the article, but you will also be recording a little bit of information for me. On the backside of the Spider Web page, the page that you completed after watching the video, you will find a space to record some times. When you get ready to read the article, record what time it is, and then also when you are finished reading the article, record what time it is. This will help me to see how much time you spent reading the article, which is a very important step in Achieve 3000!

This link will take you to your Achieve 3000 login: https://portal.achieve3000.com/index

Achieve: Steps 3, 4, and 5

Now that you have finished steps 1 and 2, you are ready for the final three steps. Remember, you can refer back to the article as many times as you need to.

For Step 3 you will answer some of the questions directly in Achieve 3000, and some (the questions that need to be written out) will need to be written on the second page that you will find in your packet called, Achieve 3000 Activity Answers. This will be questions 7 and 8 in the activity. These questions need to be written directly on this page so that you can turn them in. In order to get your activity score you will have to also type your answers for 7 and 8 in the boxes on Achieve, and then record your activity score on your page as well.

Step 4 you will complete as usual in Achieve 3000, and Step 5 will also need to be recorded on the page with numbers 7 and 8 from the activity.

This Part is Done!

You have completed your Elearning reading lesson! Awesome! Now you can take a break or move onto your Indiana Social Studies lesson. You will find directions for this lesson below.


Social Studies Newspaper Week 28 - Fun in Indiana

All this year we have been studying Indiana history in Social Studies. We have learned about many people and places around our state by reading our Indiana Studies Weekly Newspapers. For your Elearning Social Studies lesson you will be completing one of our social studies newspapers at home! This paper will cover lots of fun places to visit all over Indiana and some very interesting facts as well.

I suggest reading this paper with a friend, parent, or other family member out loud and take turns like we do in class. Remember to look at the clues for your crossword puzzle first, and then highlight or circle important information while your reading.

You will turn your completed paper back in to me for a grade.

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Need Help?

Remember, contact me if you need help or have a question with any part of this lesson. I will be available for emails Tuesday, May 17th and Thursday, May 19th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.

Learn vocabulary terms from the Achieve 3000 article Fresh From the Farm. Use study cards and play games to learn and understand the vocabulary words embedded in the Achieve 3000 article