How To Make Hair Bows

learn how to make cute hair bows for babies and girls

How To Make Many Kinds Of Hair Bows

Modern style has found bows to be cute once more. Though sometimes buying many cute and colorful bows can be very expensive. Making your own hair tie bows is not all that difficult. Likewise, you can pick your own colors, designs and materials.

The first step to making hair bows would be your materials. What kind of materials can you use to make hair tie bows? That list can be almost endless depending on what style of bow you would like to have.

Using silk or satin, you can create a flowing and magnificent bow. Likewise, most thin or heavy fabrics are going to be more droopy.

To use something like ribbon or cotton would make for a more perky bow though sometimes the fabric may not be as malleable.

Sometimes it would be best to simply use fabrics that you have grown out of, such as an old shirt or small bandanna to create an adorable bow.

More modernly there are even hair bows made out of your own hair! Which is a relatively easy thing to do.

After deciding what fabric to use, it is important to decide how you would like it to attach to your head or hair.

It is simply to use a rubber band, scrunchie, clip or barrette. If using a rubber band or some other type of band, you can simply wrap the bow around the fabric or tie the fabric to the band first.

If using a clip or barrette, you should use a strong glue to keep the fabric connected. There are actually even fabric glues made specifically for things like this.

When using your own hair to make a bow, you will need a rubber band or scrunchie but not much else, besides perhaps some hair products.

To make a hair tie bow out of fabric, you need only five simple steps.

Step one, grab supplies which can include (but not be limited to) fabric, hair tie or rubber band, scissors, fabric glue and decorations.

Step two, cut strips out of the fabric you desire to make the bow out of.

Step three, tie the bow to the rubber band or hair tie.

Step four, decide whether or not to decorate the bow with glitter, hand drawn patterns or additional cloth.

Step 5, tie the bow the same way you would tie a bow in your shoelaces.

Making a hair bow out of ribbon is basically the same. You would use many of the same materials and have practically the same steps. This can be completed in just a few simple steps as well, replacing the cut fabric with ribbon.

Finally if you wish to make a hair bow out of your own hair, make sure first that your hair is long and very well brushed. After your hair is well brushed and snag free, you may want to rub some product into your hair to help with your hair becoming messed up and to control stray hairs.

After getting your hair nice and smooth, pull your hair into a tight ponytail but stop when your hair is not all the way through the hair tie the final time, thus creating a loop. Leave some of your hair still sticking out the end like a tail in the front.

Divide the loop down the middle after this, be sure that it is even. After dividing the two sides, pull the loose tail over the middle of the bow and tuck it into the rubber band. Fluff out the bow, use more hair product and then you are done.

Creating hair bows are very fun and a great way to be stylish while saving money!