Oh, Canada!

By: Lindsay Kahren

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Environmental Issues

There are three main environmental issues in Canada. Because of acid rain, fish and trees in the Great Lakes are dying. The level of acidity is too high. In the Canadian Shield, the mining is killing plants and animals because of the harmful chemicals that are released and produced. The blasting of the machines can ruin the land and environment. Cutting down trees for timber, especially in the Boreal Forest, is taking away animals homes. Consequently, many of the animals are dying. Cutting down trees also causes poor water quality and soil erosion.

Quebec's Independance: Separatist Party

Friday, Jan. 1st 1960 at 8am to Thursday, Dec. 31st, 11:45pm

Quebec, Canada

Quebec is the most French part of Canada, so we should be our own country! We are not Canadians, we are Quebecios. Quebec has changed, for it is no longer traditional and French. It would be a tragedy if French culture was lost forever. We are not treated like equals by English speaking Canadians; they do not respect us like they should. It will always be something to argue about, but help us end the argument now. The bilingual reforms are not enough to keep us happy. Independence is the only think that will satisfy us.
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