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Haley Ferrington

Adventure to Chicago

April 1st 2015

Today was the day, the day that Haley was so very excited for. Haley goes on a journey to Chicago to see many sites. The first stop was an aquarium, there she saw many different types of marine animals and learned about many new things like how training a dog is just like training a dolphin. The next stop on the list was a museum, this is where she got to see many old artifacts like dinosaurs bones and very expensive gemstones. This museum had a lot to offer and she would be there for hours looking at all of the amazing artifacts.

Then, later that night the unexpected happened... Haley saw something in the distance, and what it was she definitely did know. And then as she had gotten closer she was so exited that it was a GAINT playground! It was a new and definitely improved playground, once to the top your could see everything! But it was nighttime and everyone was getting ready to leave the park. As she slide down the slide to leave she saw a huge Ferris wheel on the pier and thought the site was amazing. After her adventure was over she had to take the two hour drive back home and everything would be all back to normal as it used to be. She would be back in her own bed and in her own home.

Aquarius Has a Hula Hoop Circle

2015 School Year

It was a normal Aquarius house day in the gym and toady they all participated in a hula hoop circle. Everyone struggled as they try to get the hula hoop around the whole entire circle. Some kids got the hula hoop right around the circle speedy quick but others failed to. Finally the Aquarius house gets the hula hoop around the circle for the first time and now they must get it around once more.

They did this all for the fun that day and they all did have fun doing this activity. But then after this hula madness was done everyone was tired from the struggling of the hula hoops.

Haley and Brady's Terrifying Night Adventure

Today was the day when Haley went to her grandmas house. It was up north and she knew that there would be very many animals like bears but no, she was in deep trouble this time. But by the time she got there it was dinner time and it was such a beautiful day they all ate outside. There was so many different types of wildlife like humming birds and assorted bugs, but after eating delicious meals and seeing the nice nature they went inside because soon it would be dark and all the animals would be out and about. So they went inside and soon it was time for bed.

When in bed it was pitch black outside and Haley and her brother Brady were trying to sleep but heard a growl outside, Haley and her brother then realize that there was a coyote out their window. Brady started to get very scared just as the coyote was coming toward the window and Brady said "It's coming for us!" But as it left Brady calmed down but was still scared of the sight he just saw. Then after this craziness they both were very scared but as it left they finally got to bed.

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