Fax Broadcasting

Whats whys and hows of fax broadcasting

There are multiple reasons that urge you to opt for fax broadcasting but you must know the mechanism and step by step processes involved in this mode of communication.

What is fax broadcasting?

A fax machine scans a paper document and then send it to multiple recipients at a time. Usually fax services are offered by various IT based companies. They offer to broadcast any message, document or content to hundreds of recipients at a time and ensure that they reach to their destination in allocated time. Such companies will charge for their services, hence they are reasonable to utilize even for small and medium enterprises. This broadcast of messages through fax is needed by those personnel who have to handle thousands of customers or users and address a mutual query or offer a common service to thousands of customers across the country or continent or even across the world.

Its limitations

Fax broadcast is expose to number of threats that may cause serious harm to the systems, corrupt the content of the message or alter the message altogether. There are specific strict federal anti- spamming laws that prohibits hackers to take any disadvantage from the fax broadcast as serious action will be taken against the hacker or person who breached any other’s fax message. Moreover, the fax machine is expensive as compared to computer systems and hand held devices.

Perks of internet fax broadcasting

Use of fax broadcast is unlimited but not applicable to all situations obviously. Internet fax broadcast revolutionize the traditional fax message concept as it no longer needs paper, ink and toner. All broadcast is done through internet and web signals. Instead of direct mail Fax broadcasting is more preferable by the organizations who want to keep a record of all their sent messages. As in direct mail, the mail pieces and associated information would be lost in the crowd of further new messages and skimming would be a hectic task. Marketing campaigns now use internet fax broadcasting for attracting customers and creating awareness about their brand.

Background of fax broadcast

In mid-19th century, the technique to send messages was called telecopying. The modern and advanced form of fax machines are actually the better and improved form of fax machines once created in 1960s. Now the modern form of internet based fax broadcasting is actually the revolutionary form of ancient fax machines. The concept remains the same but the method evolves and become more quick, easy and simple.

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