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Things To Know

Please don't forget to go on PowerSchool and register your kiddo!

It is testing time!! We will be participating in Wy-Topp April 25-27. Please make sure that your children are well rested, well fed, and are present. Please try to not schedule appointments in the mornings of these days.

A couple of other things for your radar:

1. We really don't want students ordering food or drinks and having them delivered to the school. We've had situations where students take other's orders and their is not payment.

2. Remember if you have a need to talk to your kiddo during class, it is better to call the office.

Here is some interesting data about PowerSchool. These numbers represent how our students and parents are accessing PowerSchool. I would like to draw your attention to the last section of the data. It talks about signing up for progress reports. You have the ability to sign up for notifications from PowerSchool. If you haven't signed up for this feature yet, we would highly recommend it. If you have questions, feel free to give us call.

Parent/Student Mobile App Stats

Total sign ins by parents:7,910

Total sign ins by students:16,284

Total sign ins by parents and students combined:24,194

Number of students whose records were accessed:141 / 178

Avg. number of parent sign ins per day:38.77

Avg. number of student sign ins per day:79.82

Avg. number of parent and student sign ins per day combined:118.6

Parent/Student Web Portal Stats

Total sign ins by parents:2063

Total sign ins by students:27536

Total sign ins by parents and students combined:29599

Number of students whose records were accessed:192 / 191

Avg. length of parent visit (minutes):5.5

Avg. length of student visit (minutes):6.3

Avg. number of parent sign ins per day:10.1

Avg. number of student sign ins per day:135.0

Avg. number of parent and student sign ins per day combined:145.1

Progress Reports Emailed to Parents

Number of parents signed up to receive progress reports via email:123 (35.3%)

Number of reports sent out during specified period:--

April Events

This Month in Review:

April 1 – Track Meet in Wheatland

April 11 – Golf Tournament in Douglas

Track Meet in Torrington

April 15 – Track Meet in Glenrock

April 17 – Golf Tournament in Wheatland

April 18th – Track Meet in Torrington

April 19-22 – FFA State Convention

April 20 – Vape Presentation

Spring Band Concert at 6:30 p.m.

April 22 – Track Meet in Douglas

April 24 – Golf Tournament in Gillette

April 25 - Middle School Showcase Night and Open House

April 25 - 27 - WY-TOPP Testing

April 28 – Track Meet in Pine Bluffs

Counselor Corner

WMS will be WY-TOPP testing on April 25, 26, and 27. This will take all morning. Please make sure your student is present at school those days, as I have to make sure all students in our school get tested. It’s very hard to pull them out of class to do make-up tests when they aren’t present. Please stress at home the importance of taking your time and doing your best! This will be our Summative Yearly Test, and I’m so excited to see how much our kids grew!

Staff Spotlight

Meet Mrs. Brown!

Students think:

She helps me and stays with me after school. She is one of the best teacher's I've ever had.

I think she is a great teacher because there are fun times and work times.

Staff thoughts:

"The most fabulous teaching partner ever. She is caring and wonderful. She is a very hard worker and loves her kids very much. She is a great support system and always looks out for those who need her. She has become one of my very best friends and I love working and learning with her."

"Kind and thoughtful of her students and their individual situations. Sets high standards for student academic achievement and behavior. A wonderful collaborator with awesome ideas and problem solving skills! Experienced but flexible."

Mrs. Brown:

I have been in and out of education for 28 years and have been at WMS for 13 years. I enjoy this age as every day is a new adventure!! It has also been really fun to teach multiple children from the same family, including my own. When I am not at school, I enjoy traveling and reading.

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Wheatland Middle School

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