Dr. Harold Shipman

Foreign Serial Killer

"Doctor Death"

Dr.Harold Shipman was born in England in 1946, he went to medical school and worked as a physician in 1970. Between then and his arrest 1998, He killed about 215 and possibly up to 260 of patient by injecting them with lethal doses of pain killers.

Childhood: He was the middle child he was the favorite of his controlling mother, she always made hims feel superior which effected his later on relationship. Which isolated him with only a few friends. After his mothers death he was determined to go to medical school.

Highest level of Education?

Leeds University.

He became an addict of to the painkillers Pethidine. He was then caught and forced to leave medical school in 1995. Later on he was accepted into the Medical Center in Hyde.

The person who hired him started to realize that Dr. Shipman's patients were dying at an unusual high rate. The workers were worried so they contacted the police but he wasn't found guilty for any of this deaths. Kathleen Grundy an 81 year old women was found dead in her home after a visit from Dr.Shipman. An autopsy was made and revealed that she has died of a morphine overdose. Shipman's home was then raided, and investigation were made for named victims that were cremated, and who had died after a home visit from Harold. He had told the victims families to cremate their relatives leaving no marks that he had committed the crimes.

Trial: Police then noticed that Shipman had altered the medical notes directly after killing the patients so that his account matched the historical records. What he didn't know was that after each alteration of the records the computer would time stamp them. Which gave the police the information of what records were altered. After doing many autopsies , the police charged him with 15 individual murders on September 7, 1998 as well as with forgery.

Why did he kill?

He enjoyed being able to have control over life and death.

January 31,2000 the judge passed fifteen life sentences plus a four year sentence for forgery

On January 13, 2004 Shipman was discovered at 6 am hanging in his prison cell , having used his bed sheets tied to the window bars of his cell.