Shining Bright in 4th

4th Grade News

Welcome 4th grade parents

We finished the first 6 weeks of school! Report cards will be coming out at the end of this week through skyward.

We have had many parents ask what y'all can be doing at home to help. Please make sure your child is reading daily. 15-20 minutes is ideal. As parents ourselves, we understand how hard it is to find time. Reading is something they can do on the way home from school, on the way to sports practices, or at night to help unwind before bed. My boys seem to always go to bed quicker if I stick a book in their hand. It's a win for us all! :) If you can ask questions about what they are reading, all the better.

Also working on multiplication facts will help your child so much in and out of math class. Math is no longer just formulas. A big part of it these days is reading and if they at least know their facts, that will help them.

When going through your child's folder, you may see unfinished work. That just means that they are either still working on it in class, BUT they can work on it at home. If you notice a low grade in their graded work, I would definitely go over that with them at home. We do that with many kids already, but it can only help hearing it again.

Please remember to look at your child's behavior sheet and sign at least once a week regardless if they have received a behavior mark or not.

We hope you have a great next few weeks!

~4th Grade Teachers

What's happening in.....

Math: We will start multiplying whole numbers in multi-step word problems. Your child knowing their multiplication facts up to 12 will help them greatly!

Reading: The next few weeks we will be learning how the author structures text in a certain way to achieve a specific purpose.

Writing: Students will begin their new writing prompt about their favorite time of year, and will learn how to make their writing hook the reader in with a BaDaBing.

Science: Students will investigate energy and its sources.

Social Studies: We will begin learning about the archaic and prehistoric Indians who settled here in Texas thousands of years ago.

Dates to Remember:

October 4: Fair Day - no school for students or staff

October 6: Colors for Caring Day

October 11-15: Homecoming dress-up days

October 15: Parent/Teacher conferences - no school for students

Trunk or Treat: More info to come.

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