The Ojibwe/Chippewa Tribe

Original person

Past History

The Ojibwe used to live in the southern United States. Their old problem was their transportation. Their transportation was very slow because they travelled by boat.

Present History

The Ojibwe tribe lives in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and southern Canada. Their problem is that some people speak English and some people speak the Ojibwe language.


The Woodland Ojibwe eat food from farms. They also eat wild rice and corn.

The Plains Ojibwe eat animal meat and buffalo meat. On special holidays they have a special desert called pumpkin bread.


Women wear long dresses with removable sleeves. Men wear breech clothes with leggings. They wear moccasins.


The Ojibwe make their homes out of birch wood. Their houses are called Waginoguns or Wigwams.


The Ojibwe uses stone . They make stone tools out of stone and wood. They make their tools by chipping stones.


Ojibwe kids play hoop and dart. Dart is when you use a dart and throw it at a board. Hoop is when you have a little ball and you have a big handle with a big net at the end. You try to get the ball in the net.

Interesting facts

1. Kids had dolls and toys back in the past.

2. They had a clan system.

3.there are nearly 150 different bands in Chippewa.