Edmond Doyle News 4-7-2016

It's that time of year again-TESTING TIME!! All of the third and fourth graders have been working very hard reviewing and practicing to take the OCCT, our state test. It is very important that every third and fourth grader is at school for the rest of this week and for the next two upcoming weeks. They need to get plenty of rest, eat a good breakfast at home or school, and be on time. Please remind your child that they ARE prepared. They have been working on all of the skills that they will see on the test since August. Your child's teacher has created every opportunity possible to ensure that all of the Edmond Doyle third and fourth graders are prepared.

Taking the OCCT is like being on a Treasure Hunt. The passages are the treasure that needs to be unlocked and the questions are like the map that leads them to the correct answer. The preparation before the test is the quest for knowledge that gets them started for the final treasure! The gold is knowing how to think and how to get the basics to understand the world in which we live. Share with your child that if they have been listening, working, following directions, obeying the adults in their lives, doing their homework, asking questions, and participating-they have already hit the jackpot. These skills will last them a lifetime! Putting forth good effort in all we do never stops being necessary for success.

Our students are fortunate to have some of the best teachers in the world in their camp. They also need to remember that their first and second grade teachers have also helped them prepare to do well, too. Everything we learn is like a building block-stacking one upon the other. Teacher Appreciation week will be May 7th-11th. Be thinking of ways your child can simply show the teachers at our school how much they are loved. They spend their days loving, caring, teaching,and guiding your children. May 7th-11th will be a special time for students and families to let them know that their hard work, love, and concern is appreciated.

McAlester Music Makers will perform April 26th at 6:30. They are always well worth the effort to come hear! Mrs. Braswell and Mrs. Lawson are simply the BEST!!

The best portions of a good life are the little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love we do for others. - William Wordsworth