March 21, 2016


I have a lot to say. I hope you're listening.
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Was that the fastest Spring Break you have ever experienced?! I think it was for me! I hope you had some down time & relished every free moment you had. Summer will be here before we know it, & you get this Friday off which is always a treat!

I will be teaching some Writing lessons all day today in Hope’s room in an effort to provide additional support for the upcoming Writing STAAR. I will be out the next three days for TTESS training at HCTC. (TTESS is the new evaluation system for teachers that will begin next year.)

This is the time of year where we see our students’ behavior begin to decline a little bit. In this week’s Bulletin I’ve included a section from Love & Logic that I think is relevant along with some Discipline Tips.

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Important Information this week!

· Kids will be registering for their clubs during their computer time with Angela Cathey this week.

· Our last round of Clubs will begin Friday, April 8th.

· I emailed you the Teacher of the Year information again today with the nomination forms, criteria, etc. Please have the nominations in my box outside my office by Wednesday afternoon. Let me know if you have any questions about the process. Please put some thought into who you believe would represent ALL of the outstanding teachers at EME.

· Congratulations to our third graders for earning a popcorn party for being the first class to spell out Eagles with our new Marvelous Manners program!

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1. ALWAYS have a plan!

2. When a problem occurs, have students call their parents in your presence to report the trouble, rather than you doing all the calling.

3. Minimize “downtime” in the classroom. Have something worthwhile going on all the time.

4. Reduce or modify assignments when necessary so that all kids can succeed.

5. Remember that students frequently choose misbehavior to achieve one or more of four basic goals: a. attention getting; b. power; c. revenge; or d. avoidance of failure.

6. Don’t nag. After to requests, take action.

7. Meet students at the door every time the group enters the classroom.

8. Remember that short, direct instructions or commands work the best.

9. Establish authority & credibility by always keeping your promises & doing what you say you will do.

10. Have your class pick a secret code word (something that only the class knows) to signal for cooperation. For example, “SALAMI” means “Stop and Look at Me Immediately.” OR “It’s a great day…” And the students respond, “To be an Eagle!”

11. Use eye-contact effectively to maintain control.

12. Get everyone’s attention before starting any lesson.

13. Show that you like your job & your students.

14. Remind yourself that the most unpleasant student you have may be the one who needs you the most.

15. Give fidgety kids hands-on activities.

16. Anticipate that some students will try to exploit your weaknesses.

17. Retain positive expectations for all students. School success is built on a self-fulfilling process.

18. Learn as much as you can about your students’ backgrounds & lives outside of school. The more you know the more you may be able to help.

19. Remember that one-on-one encounters are always better & more effective than group lectures or punishments.

20. Never be afraid to call for help when you need it.

21. Don’t give up & refuse to become cynical!

22. Make criticism of students specific, direct, polite, clear, & immediate.

23. When an issue is closed, move on. Don’t hold grudges!

24. Use LOTS of praise & positive reinforcement!!! J

25. Use proximity.

26. Shoot the “Teacher Look!” Use eye-contact appropriately. (I can demonstrate this one for you very well!) Ha!

27. Praise the students who are behaving appropriately.

28. Interject the students name in the lesson – involve the student directly in the lesson…Question him…involve him…hold him accountable!

29. Try to find SOMETHING the student is doing correctly & validate him for that. A little reinforcement will go a long way.

30. Let your students know that you care about them & that you have high expectations for them & that you expect them to live up to those expectations.

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I love you too much to argue!

Thanks for sharing!

I’ll love you wherever you live!

What a bummer!

Kids who are allowed to learn from small mistakes early in life are far less likely to make tragic mistakes later on.

Empathy allows us to hold students firmly accountable without losing their love & respect.

Empathy allows us to remain “the good guy” while allowing our student’s poor decision to be the “bad guy.”

When you don’t know what to do…or you’re too angry to think straight…delay the consequence. (“I’m going to have to something about this, but not now…later.” OR “No Problem. I love you too much to fight about this. I’ll take care of it later.”)

Never tell a stubborn child what to do. Instead, describe what you are willing to do or allow.

Kids will always come to need at least the same number of warnings & reminders as they are given.

When we try to hoard control, we lose it. When we share control, we gain it.

Wise teachers gain the control they need by giving away the control they don’t need.

When we solve all of our children’s problems, they become insecure & resentful.

When we guide them toward solving their own problems, they become secure & respectful.

Wise teachers only step in when they are certain that their student has a problem that’s too big or dangerous to solve on their own.

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Monday – PLC’s meet, I will be teaching in Hope’s room today to help support Writing instruction as they prepare for their upcoming test.

Tuesday – I’m out for TTESS training, 2nd grade LIINK training all day,

Wayside Course Selection Night for incoming 6th graders at 6:30 at Wayside

Wednesday – I’m out for TTESS training, Kelli provides STAAR training

Thursday – R-time, I’m out for TTESS training

Friday – Enjoy your holiday & have a blessed Easter!


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· THANK YOU Sheryl Copeland for a successful Book Fair & for feeding us in the midst of the busy Book Fair. Your thoughtfulness & generosity is greatly appreciated – especially given the fact that even though you were busy with Book Fair, you still found time to take care of others. Thank you!

· A huge Shout Out to Suzanne Morgan & our Eagles for raising $5858.26 for the American Heart Association! Ya’ll did an amazing job!

· I want to commend the Block Teachers – Leslie Hooe, Sheryl Copeland, Suzanne Morgan, Angela Cathey, & Becky Hogue for the excellent job they did with their mini-Rise presentation…there wasn’t anything “mini” about it! They shared a great prezi & showed that they are truly collaborative in their efforts. VERY VERY well done team!

· KUDOS to all of you who helped with Benchmark testing before Spring Break…An extra special thanks to Danielle, Tammy, Autumn, Regina, Tim, & Drew as well as all of our third, fourth, & fifth grade teachers for doing such a great job on their testing. Thanks also to Kelli for her meticulous organization of all things testing! It went very well because of your careful & detailed planning! Finally, thanks to Dedra for helping Kelli cover the walls over Spring Break!

· Finally, I want to again thank Nala Beal for the privilege of allowing me to share some great literature with her fourth graders. The kids could not have been more receptive & I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for letting me practice my craft & for helping to make it FUN like you did!

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