University of Oregon

Oregon Ducks

School Information

  • Location: Eugene
  • 383 Bachelor degrees for general psychology
  • For 2 years of schooling it costs about $22,000
  • Admissions: A GPA of 3.61 or higher
  • Enrollment: 24,125
  • Teacher student ratio: 19:1
University of Oregon: #OneDayOnCampus
We are Oregon

Location information

Its located in Eugene Oregon.

Which is one of the most beautiful towns in Oregon. They have many glorious hiking trails and a lot of tourist spots.

  • Jordan Schnitzer Art museum
  • Raptor center zoo
  • Hult performing arts center
  • Childrens science factory
  • Hendricks park


  • During summer and spring the weather varies around 76-85 average.
  • During winter and fall the weather varies around 52-34 average.

Paying for college

Paying for college will definitely be challenging. But If I work for it It can happen. I don't know if ill be able to get a scholarship by joining a club or a sport because I have no interest to do so. So I will have to get a job and save up every penny and have my parents help me through.

High school goals

  • Pass all of my classes with a's and b's
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA
  • Continue to have a good school attendance
  • Get an Aspire mentor
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Boise Bible college

I also plan on going to Boise bible college for a year
Boise Bible College