2.1 Collaborative Leadership

Building capacity for teaching and learning

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Math Department

Let’s Get Them Outside (2014/15)

  • process started approximately 3 years ago with outdoor education training provided by Outward Bound
  • Emily Reeder and Catherine Wassmansdorf from Riverwood Conservancy have developed 3 full-day lessons that cover the 3 main strands in Grade 10 Applied and Academic Math courses:
    • Quadratic Relations
    • Trigonometry
    • Analytic Geometry/ Linear Relations
  • this year the program was extended to the grade 11 College Math class
  • grant was obtained: Innovation Grant 2015 - Outdoor Grid

Physical Education Department

Beep Test

All classes take part in a beep test once every two weeks and it is executed as a large group in the gym with all health and phys.ed teachers present and involved. We collaborated as a department and decided that this would be a consistently-run program which allows the students to get immediate feedback from their results. They use these results to self-assess so that they can achieve a higher level of fitness that reflects their personal best.
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Art Department

Environmental Recycling Art

The art teacher collaborated with Natalie Mitsku and the Eco Schools Club to repurpose found materials - old childrens' toy cars, newspaper, used bicycle tires, abandoned computer parts - in order to give these items new life as an art form. Students produced sculptures and two-dimensional objects based on the themes of social consciousness, sustainability, and ecological awareness. Students are taught that artists are agents of activism; they become a voice piece for global change.
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English Department

D2L and Office 365

In support of our Catholic School Learning plan I regularly collaborate with teachers, from a variety of departments, to support school based learning around technology such as Desire2Learn and Office 365.
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