How to make things on Minecraft

by Tahvi'ea Jackson

Table of contents chapter 1

2 how to make a a fire

4 how to make a which

6 how to make a nether portal

Introduction 😀

Have you ever played Minecraft before Minecraft was made in May,17,2009 how made minecraft Notch that's how.

How to make a fire chapter 2

So these are the thags you need to make a fire and in this order bricks,dark oak wood,flint and steel
So you make the fire place and then put the dark oak wood and then you put the fire down the flint and steel.

How to make a which chapter 3

These are the thags you need to make a which and in this order polished andesite,cobbles tone wall,monster spawner,spawn villager
You do not want to say up there if you are in survival mode because you might get struck by Lightning or get poisoned by a which.

How to make a netre portal chapter 4

How to make a netre portal so these are the thags that you need and in this order obsidan,flint and steel and it has to be about 5 blooks up for it to work and it can't be to log.
monster can go through the nether portal and go back to the nether.

How to make a river chapter 5

So these are the thags you need to make a river and in this order TNT,flint and steel, Bucket of water and try to make it a straight line please.
If you are in Survival mode you might want to move back because you might git killed and everything you have and need is gone it's Probably at the bottom of the river.
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All about the another

I'm 9 years old and my birthday is August,17,2006 I have 2 Brothers and 2 sisters and I'm going to have a another one I go to hinkle Creek elementary school.