welcome to Mexico

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Where in the world:

The country I chose to research is Mexico. Mexico is on the continent of North America. It is south of the United States. The water it is near is North Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

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The people:

Most people speak Spanish. A typical Mexican meal includes tortillas, which is a type of flat bread made from ground corn or wheat flour. In Mexico their main food is corn. One famous dish in Mexico is called chili con carne. In Mexico there are many animals such as rabbits, dogs, horses, sheep, chickens and turkeys.

Off to work:

Many people in Mexico work in hotels and restaurants. Mexico has many factories. Lots of people work in the car factory.

Things to do and see:

Basketball, volleyball and baseball are very popular. Colorful taxis fill the streets, in lots of them people have to share taxis. Lots of people like to go see the Meso – American ruins.

Interesting facts

Kids have to go to school the ages of six-fourteen it is a law. A major earthquake hit Mexico city in 1985 it destroyed many buildings and killed 6000+ people. In Mexico the population is 104.9 million. Did you know that Mexico City is the oldest capital city in the world.

Free time

Soccer is Mexico’s favorite sport. In Mexico there are lots of evening strolls. Lots of people go to see cinemas.