The Impressionist R.L. Stevenson

December 10th, 2021

Stevenson’s Mission:

To inspire students to strive for excellence through a rigorous, academic and arts-integrated curriculum in

a safe, equitable learning community.

Stevenson’s Vision:

Exemplify excellence in cognition, character, and creativity.

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The Turkey's Go on Strike by 3rd and 4th Grade

From Mrs. Fleeger and Mrs. Vanderpool

It is incredible that we are already looking at the beginning of December! Where has time gone? It must have something to do with all of the wonderful things going on here at Stevenson! Our 3rd and 4th Graders did such a great job in their roles for The Turkey's Go on Strike!! It is always such a pleasure seeing our kids in action. Thank you to Miss Holly, Mr. Yoh, Mrs. Sonberg, Miss Whitney, and the many volunteers that assisted! We appreciate you all!

We hope that you had a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday. We also hope that you got some rest over the break as these next 3 weeks will be busy! Our 5th and 6th graders will be doing the performance, The Enchanted Holiday Bookshop! We can't wait! We will also have the Evening with the Arts. We are so excited about this new event!

Thank you to everyone that helps Stevenson be successful in all of these wonderful events! We could not do it without you!

Tiffiny and Cindy

Grade Level Happenings

Third Grade

Third grade did wonderful in "The Turkey's Go On Strike." Our third graders are very talented and hard workers, and it showed in their awesome performance.

We recently took our Unit 3 Benchmark Reading Assessment. All third graders across the county participated in this assessment. The districts average score for this assessment was 54%. I am so excited to say that our Stevenson third graders were well above that average! The average across our third graders was 70%. Much higher than the district level. These tests are a snapshot in time on how the students are progressing through each standard. They are tested numerous times a year, and this was the first time they have been tested on these standards.

We hope that everyone has a safe and happy winter break. Enjoy the time with your family and friends.


Kindergarten’s Pumpkin Patch and Hayride was a huge success! We were so thankful we were able to share it with the school. It is still up and will soon be converted for the winter holidays! Mad Scientist Day was an exciting day of learning and experimenting with pumpkins, slime and water bugs! We are so proud of the progress the students made during the first quarter. It was exciting to see the growth on the Kindergarten Literacy Survey (KLS). In ELA we finished our unit on storybook characters and are now studying rules and why they are important. In Math we learned about shapes and their attributes.

First Grade

We wanted to express our appreciation to all our parents for your help, supplies, and continued support in your child's education. Thank you so much and we hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family.

Sixth Grade

ELA- Students will work primarily in small groups while working with new texts. Following Thanksgiving break, we will engage in preparation for the Unit 2 Summative test, as well as the 2nd iReady Diagnostic. These test will help to establish how each student is performing at near midpoint of the academic year. To round out our 2nd quarter/ Unit 2 assignments, students will work throughout December to complete an explanatory essay relating to the essential question “How do animals and people interact?” All preceding texts from Unit 2 will serve as resources for this essay. iReady instruction continues to progress, and I encourage all parents and guardians to review the progress of the online lessons with your child

Math- This week in math we will be working on understanding rational numbers as a point on a number line (6.3) and our test will be on Friday. The following week we will look at ordering and absolute values of rational numbers (6.2 and 6.4) and the test for that will be Friday (11/19). The week of Thanksgiving we will start looking at graphing points in all four quadrants of the coordinate plane (6.5). Please be aware that I am taking the study guides as a grade.

Social Studies- This week in social studies, the students are continuing to learn about ancient Egypt specifically, how did social class affect daily life in ancient Egypt? In a Problem Solving/ Group work activity, students create and perform interactive dramatizations to learn about the social structure of ancient Egypt and its effect on daily life for members of each social class.

Fifth Grade

Math-Our students continue to shine above the district average for the End of Module 2 Assessment. The district average was 74.2% and our Penguins scored an average of 85.7% I am so proud of their hard work and dedication to their academics. The End of Module 3 Assessment was on Tuesday, November 23, 2021. Module 4 will cover multiplication and division of fractions and decimal fractions.

Science-Our students continue to shine above the district mastery average. On the Weather & Climate Assessment, the district mastery was 50% and our school mastery was 86%. Keep up the good working Penguins!

Second Grade

In Reading we are looking at text about "Many Characters, Many Points of View." We are working on writing diary essays. Students are expected to have an introduction, ideas from the text and a conclusion in their writing. We are all loving seeing how much they are growing as writers! In Math we are diligently working on addition and subtraction using place value with up to 3-digit numbers. Subtraction is always harder for students so practicing basic facts as well as completing unfinished sprints is a great way to strengthen those subtraction muscles. In Social Studies, we are finishing the unit "Coming to America" where we are learning how and why communities have changed over time. In Science we are learning about States of Matter. Keep encouraging reading at home and if you need help finding a good fit book for your student, please reach out to your child's teacher. We are happy to help grow new independent chapter book reading!

The Horticultural Club Update

Things are growing and growing fast! Our hydroponic garden is churning out the lettuce at an amazing rate and should be ready to harvest before the next update! Our native Florida Flowers are out growing their bed, and our other plants are doing very well.

Earlier in the month we had a “will it grow challenge, planting different things from our fridge to see if it would grow. We planted grape seeds, pepper’s, kiwi, garlic, papaya, potatoes, and others. I am please to announce that many of the seeds we planted are sprouting! Some are even ready to be transplanted.

If you wish to join the Horticultural Club, just ask Mr. Hattal for an application, or join us on Tuesday mornings at 8:00 over by the PAB. If you would like to contribute to our club, we are in need of organic potting soil, black cow, and peatmoss.

Mr. Hattal

Club Monitor

Gifted Student Program

The Gifted Program November Update

Community, that is the theme we are pushing in our Gifted Program. The upper grades, 3 – 6, are working hard to help-out the community by supporting various local programs. The 6th Graders are supporting the Humane Society by raising awareness about animals in shelters as well as collecting much need supplies to keep the program going. The 5th Grade Super Seniors Project is directed at providing some enjoyment to seniors living in a local senior center. The 4th Graders are working on cleaning up the community by supporting various environmental programs. They also plan to issue the “trash collection challenge” to the other gifted programs throughout Brevard. Our 3rd Graders are looking to support the children in long term care facilities. All these programs can use your support, if you are interested, just contact Mr. Hattal via email at

Our youngest members are working to become scientist as we explore the scientific process and how this process can help solve problems, not only in the lab, but in everyday life as well.

Our next school-wide project will be the Egg Drop Challenge 2! Look for instructions and requirements coming soon!

Mr. Hattal

Gifted Teacher

Celebrating and Appreciating Our Veterans

Please watch the special video that shares our appreciation for all our veterans.
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Important Events


Friday, 10th

Out of Uniform Day

Sports Theme

Tuesday, 14th

Evening with the Arts;

A Symphony of Sight and Sound


Thursday, 16th

Winter Solstice: An Enchanted Holiday Bookshop

9:30 AM Matinee

5:00 PM Evening Performance

Friday, 17th

Winter Solstice: An Enchanted Holiday Bookshop

9:30 AM Matinee

Early Release Day 2:15

Monday, 20th

Chorus Performs at the Avenues in Viera

6:00 PM

Early Release Day 2:15

Tuesday, 21st

Early Release Day 2:15


Thursday, 6th

Students and Teachers Return

Friday, 7th

Donuts with Deputies 8:00 AM

Early Release Day 2:15

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New Format for the our Newsletter!

After receiving feedback regarding our newsletter, The Impressionist, we are utilizing another format. This format is meant to also be viewed on a cell phone. We welcome any additional feedback that you would like to provide. This is our first attempt. As with all kinds of practice we know it will improve over time!