Laptop Update

Laptops are here!

The laptops have arrived and will soon be in the process of being set up!

When will we be receiving them?

Over the next month, tech department folks will contact teachers to set up a time to bring your laptop over and get you up and running. This has to be one on one meeting, so when you receive the email, please respond quickly so we can get everyone done well before the end of the year!

What do I need to do before then?

  • ALL files you want to keep need to be moved to Google Drive. Once the new computer is set up, anything left behind on the old computer will not be accessible.
  • All photos and music need to be moved to Drive as well.

If you have photos in iPhoto or music in iTunes, please contact the technology department to get help with moving your items into Drive so they can move with you to the new computer.

Where can I get more information?

  • You should have received an invite to a Google Classroom course that has several tutorial features on the new Macbook Airs.
  • We will use the April 1st late start time for more laptop training.
  • You can also see some tutorials at the Tiger Tech Tips page.