Breast Cancer

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1) What s the definition of cancer?

2) What are the symptoms of this cancer? How does it impact the people it affects?

3)How prevalent is this cancer?

4) How is it diagnosed?

5)What are the possible causes of this type of cancer?

6) What happens at the cellular and molecular level?

7) What are the treatments? What are the cures?

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is usually a tumor that is located in the lining of the milk glands. The tumor is formed by the uncontrollable reproduction of unusual cells.

beginning stage of breast cancer

Breast cancer in the beginning stage isn't harmful it's just a painless lump. Since everyone's breast is different medical professional might find the cancer before anything happens, usually this happens in a screening. I the doctor thinks that the patient might have cancer they would suggest a biopsy.(It's where they remove a small piece of the irregular area and then examine it.) Most biopsies are benign. If the patient does have cancer they should talk to their doctor and loved ones.


At first there aren’t many symptoms, but as it goes on, the symptoms start to kick in.

Symptoms of women breast cancer include:

-A hard, painless lump on the breast

-Change in size, shape, or feel of breast or nipple



-Bloody discharge from nipple

Symptoms of male breast cancer includes:

-Breast lump

-Breast tenderness


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-A couple hundred thousand new cases in 2015 for women.

-About 60,290 new cases of a non-invasive, early form of breast cancer will be diagnosed.

-Breast cancer deaths in 2015 will be around 40,290.

What are the possible causes of this type of cancer?

Beyond The Shock - Chapter 4 - Diagnosis - Causes of Breast Cancer
Every single breast has milk making glands called Lobules. Ducts help transport the milk from the Lobules to the nipple. One of the most common types of breast cancer is called Ductal Carcinoma. It can either start in the ducts or the cells of the Lobules and lastly in other various tissues of the breast. Invasive breast cancer usually spreads from the Ducts or Lobules to nearby tissues. For every new case of breast cancer that's in a man they’re ten new cases for every woman.

What happens at the cellular and molecular level?

First Cancer cells break through the barrier. Its requires multiple steps that take place inside of the cancer cell and Its surroundings. Once those steps are done, genetic changes are made. The cell grows and then it starts cancer. One cancer begins the body will begin to lose molecules and cell tissue. If this continues then the breast cancer cells have an advantage and they'll start moving around the body, growing and invading.

Avoiding "some" cancers

Some cancers can be avoided completely depending on your lifestyle. If you limit the what you eat and drink, do regular physical activity, and don't stay out in the sun for too long, you can avoid getting certain cancers. An effective way for detecting cancer soon is if you get regular screenings. Even if you swear by all these things it's still possible to get cancer because of pollution and 2nd hand smoke. If we could get a law to ban people from dumping chemicals into the environment. Then it could help us and animals and keep the water and food we're drinking and eating fresh.

Treatments and Cures

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Target therapy
  • Bone directed therapy


-A biopsy is recommended for breast cancer patients that were just recently diagnosed. It takes tissue and/or fluid from the affected area.

-A mammogram is an x-ray that examines the breast tissue for any tumors or cancerous cells.

-An ultrasound uses sound waves that penetrate your tissue, but do not hurt the patient.

-An MRI allows magnetic energy and radio waves through the tissue, it is doing this to look for any affected areas.