-words of Wisdom(ish) from the Mentor

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Second Semester

Welcome back to your final semester of your first year (for most of you). It has been an awesome ride so far and I'm excited for each of you. As the semester begins some will be getting a fresh group of students, for many its a continuation.

The start of second semester is a great (RE)starting point for new classroom management ideas and strategies you have been wanting to try.

I encourage you try something new. Tell your students that this will be a new start.

Try something new and reflect on it!

As the semester gets off and running we will try to meet sometime in the first two weeks and have a full bell to bell observation in Janurary if possible..especially if we have not had one yet.

I'm here to serve you.


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Next Mentoring Session

Mid-Year Reflection

The document below (3.1) will be the guide for our first mentoring session back. If you did not get a chance to complete it during break please try to work through it before we meet.

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ETM's - don't neglect them

There are three types of ETMs and numerous titles from which to choose. ETMs can be completed online or in face-to-face sessions. Additionally, you have the option to go with your mentor for a half-day (sub provided) to observe effective peers for one ETM. A full listing of the ETMs available can be found at http://www.bluevalleyk12.org/etm.

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What to know about the Mentor

Winter break was awesome. The extra time with family and friends was recharging. I hope you break was peaceful and relaxing as well.
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