Vikings Are Home!!

Vikings Homeland

Where Did The Vikings live?

The Vikings came from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
We know these countries as Scandinavia.

They lived mainly along the coastlines of these countries or along the rivers. Vikings that left their lands to explore, invade and settle in other lands.

Vikings were living in most settlements and villages off the cost. These Vikings also explored and traded with other tribes and people.

Daily Life

Jobs such as collecting wood for the fire, weaving cloth and baking bread took up a lot of time. Vikings did not have much furniture - perhaps a wooden table and benches for sitting on and sleeping on.

There were no bathrooms in Viking homes. Most people probably washed in a wooden bucket, or at the nearest stream. Instead of toilets, people used pits - holes outside dug for toilet waste. A fence usually curtained the pit.

Jobs of the Vikings

Every job that existed in a medieval community - the vikings had the equivalent function. They are most known for seamanship, invading, plundering, pillaging etc. but that's only the glamorous side of their history. They also engaged in shipbuilding, farming, trading, carpentry, metal working, etc.
the jobs they had made them a good self-suffitiant community

What Year Did the Vikings Discovered the America?

For those of you who don’t know the new world was America. Eric The Red discovered America in 1000 CE.

The first person to discover Christopher Columbus America. Not exactly; there is evidence that the Vikings discovered North America about 500 years before Columbus [source: Modern History Sourcebook]. The evidence comes from Viking historical stories called the "Sagas of the Greenlanders" and from archaeological evidence.


Overall the Vikings were real people with families and friends, you could say that they were just rough and careless, however the Vikings did it for a reason. They were very skill full in many ways, they had a plan for the future and they new hot to make it true.
It is important that we all no Vikings were not just vicious warriors. They were much more than that.

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