Henry Ford

A. Marshall

Early Life

Early Life

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, when Henry was twelve he saw a motorized tractor. After seeing the tractor Henry was inspired to make machinery. First his pa gave him a pocket watch, his learned how to take his watch apart and back together, he also fixed his friends watches. After that Henry really got into machinery. Henry took it up and tried to build a car, but it exploded. Then when he tried to make a mini train it fell apart. When Henry was twenty one he build his first car.


1890 Henry Ford was interested in the car buissness. After 3 years Henry finally made his first car. Then the Edison Illuminating Co hiered Henry to work for them. In 1907 he quit to make his own company Ford Motor Co. Henry soon made his first car the model A. the model A didn’t really sell that well so Henry made a better car the model T. The model T sold fifteen million in nine years. then he built the model A remake which was better than the model T.



On 1913 the Ford Motor Co cape to a stop. On 1914, April 28 WW1 broke out. Sense all the cars were destroyed ford had to make cars faster than ever. Henry’s son Edsel died on 1943, May 26 of cancer. Before Edsel’s death the Great Depresion took place so Henry had to lower the cost of the cars. Then the strike of Pearl Harbor, that led to WW2.


Henry Ford was the worlds most famous car manufactuer, and the best. He sold the most cars out of every other car seller combined. He is still in the top 5 in 2015. Without cars there would be no travling or no henry. He won almost every race he competed in. Death April 7 1947.


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