Siege of Leningrad

Background Information - Angela Garcelon

City of Leningrad

Horrors of War

During WWII, people had to do things that would be considered morally wrong normily. One thing they did was they were forced to eat other humans due to no food coming into the city. Another thing they did was they would starve dogs after training them that food was under tanks. Then they would put bombs on their backs causing when they would let the dogs out, they would run to the enemy tanks and then blow up the dogs. They also would kill for a chance to eat real food.

Horrors of War #2

In The City of Thieves, Lev and Kolya find a well taken care of house one night on their journey. When they knock on the door, they figure out the house is filled with women the Germans use for entertainment. The women take them in and feed them. They tell them the story of a girl that was once with them, Zoya. She was only 14 when they had taken her. once they got to the house, Zoya would not stop crying for days on end. One day the crying stopped. This is when they noticed that she was gone. When the Germans came that night, they were pissed that one of the girls had escaped. The leader sent his men searching for her. They found her shortly and brought her back. They tied her up and held her down. The leader took a wood saw and used it to cut Zoya's feet off. The women then knew what would happen if they tried to leave.

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