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Don't forget to call the attendance line with any messages on tardies or attendance issues at 503-673-7502.

Message from the Principal, Mike Strande CDL/Hybrid/WKOP



Hello Wood Families,

Thank you for the support you’ve given your students and the partnership you’ve invested in with the Wood staff this fall. We’ve progressed quite a bit since the beginning of September, and our teachers have learned new strategies and tools to engage students in a variety of ways. We’re still working to help all students succeed and we want to continue to support those who are struggling. Please communicate with your student’s teachers if you have concerns or are worried about lack of progress, we’re here to help!


Homework Club

This club is up and running and there is an opportunity for students to receive extra help. The schedule is listed below and the link for students is in the classwork section of their Grade Level Google Classroom.

Wednesdays - 3:15-4:30pm (LA and Science focus)

Thursdays - 3:15-4:30pm (Math and Social Studies focus)

Friday - 1:30-3:00pm (All classes)


Next week is Thanksgiving Break and there will be no school from Monday through Friday. We’ll see students again the following Monday, November 30th. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Mike Strande


Wood Middle School

Report Cards Are Ready! - CDL/Hybrid

Report cards were mailed out earlier this week but they are also accessible on ParentVue and StudentVue. The Report Card tab has been enabled and they can be found under the document tab as a PDF if you need to print them out.

Please take the opportunity to look at your student's grades, highlighting their growth and success. Also, take the time to talk about strategies they may use to grow in a given academic area. Thank you for working with us to support your child.

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Noodles Fundraiser for Wood Middle School PTSA- CDL/Hybrid/WKOP

Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 4-8pm

Wilsonville, OR, USA

Wilsonville, OR

Who's hungry? On December 1st, from 4-8:00 P.M., head on over to Noodles in Wilsonville! 50 % of qualifying sales will benefit Wood! Please enter the coupon code GIVING50 at checkout online or mention Wood Middle School when ordering in person. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

PTSA Meeting - CDL/Hybrid/WKOP

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 7pm

This is an online event.

Join our Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 815 4134 1965

Passcode: 858761

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Attendance and Engagement Tracking — Stay Connected with Your School CDL/Hybrid-WKOP

Even while students learn at home remotely either in Comprehensive Distance Learning or through the K12 Online Program, regular and authentic engagement remains important. We know that regular engagement can be challenging in a remote learning environment. That being said, we care very much that students continue to regularly participate in their classes in whatever schedule or routine your student and family have created this year.

If your student is going to miss a class or activity, it’s important to inform your school office ahead of time when possible. Parents can do this by using ParentVUE or by calling the school office at any time.

The Oregon Department of Education has created attendance tracking systems for school districts during this unique school year, and your participation in reporting any absences helps ensure we stay connected with students. It also ensures students can stay better engaged while learning at home through both Comprehensive Distance Learning and the K12 Online Program.

If you have a question about attendance, please don’t hesitate to contact your school office. Thank you!

Zoom Norms and Reminders for Students and Families

As we settle into Comprehensive Distance Learning and the K12 Online Program, we want to provide some friendly reminders regarding norms for participating in live Zoom sessions. Please remain respectful of your peers, teachers, and the learning that's taking place. Your participation and engagement is incredibly important to us!

CDL/Hybrid - WKOP - News from the Library!

Please welcome Mrs. Medinger back to the library. Last year you probably knew her as Ms. Jackson or "that other librarian". You will be able to check choice reading books out soon. If you just can't wait, send an email to with your request and Mrs. Medinger will work with you. We are also going to restart our "Lunch in the Library" classroom space for a place to hang out and find friends to talk to. Keep an eye on the library website for news and information.

CDL/Hybrid - Attendance

If your student is going to be absent for the day, a partial day, or in the near future, please call our attendance line at 503-673-7502 and leave a message. We will need your name and phone number, your student's name and the reason for the absence. You can also send Joyce and email at Attendance can also be entered in Parentvue.

CDL/Hybrid-WKOP Looking for Resources to Boost Internet?

Looking for Resources to Boost Internet?

Internet Hotspots can boost internet bandwidth for families engaged in online learning. This can be particularly helpful for families with multiple students participating in the Online Program or Comprehensive Distance Learning simultaneously. Please visit the district website’s IT webpage for more information about resources available across West Linn and Wilsonville. We will continue to update the webpage as resources become available for use or purchase.

CDL/Hybrid-WKOP - Message from the PTSA President

Hello Wood Families!

On behalf of the PTSA, we hope you are easing back into the 2020-2021 school year! We know it's going to be a unique year full of positives and challenges.

The PTSA historically has been a place where families can connect, share ideas, volunteer together and plan fun events for our students. While we currently cannot physically be together to collaborate, we can still meet virtually and stay connected!

We are looking for PTSA members to help make this year constructive and fun! We need members in order to VOTE on budget items, BRAINSTORM ideas to connect with students and staff and KEEP our community engaged with Wood.

Joining the PTSA lends your voice in how we can support our students and staff, as they navigate this unprecedented time. We need you support now more than ever! Please fill out the below form and help make a difference this school year! Email us your questions at

Best wishes,

Amy Vasquez, President

Andrea Meyers, Vice President

Cynthia Kummer, Treasurer

Juliana Arsenault, Secretary

Need to Make Payments to the School?

CDL/Hybrid-WKOP - Now you can with School Pay!

Register at Lunch payments will be coming soon! We’re Switching to SchoolPay for Online and Credit Card Payments — Register NOW!

Starting February 3, all online payments made in West Linn-Wilsonville schools will be made through SchoolPay with the exception of certain high school items. This includes Nutrition Services payments, athletic fees, primary enrichment classes, and all other school fees that are paid online.

To learn more about SchoolPay, and to create your account to begin making payments, please visit the School Pay website, or visit the district website for more information. Once you have created your account, you will need your student’s student ID number to register. SchoolPay allows families to pay for any and all school fees or payments in one place. SchoolPay also allows families to view past and relevant payment history.

Families can use SchoolPay for online payments immediately with the exception of Nutrition Services and certain high school items. Nutrition Services payments will continue to be paid through K12 Payment Center until February 3, at which point nutrition services payments will be made exclusively through SchoolPay.

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CDL/Hybrid-WKOP - Have you heard? Music and Arts Partners (MAP) has a new website!

The look may have changed but MAP’s mission remains the same. We are proud to share with you the new MAP website! The address is still the same:

While the site has a new look, donations to the MAP general fund and the Lynne Detrick Instrument Memorial Fund can still be processed online. We hope you will check it often for events and updates to all that is happening with MAP and music and arts education in the district.

MAP is an independent, volunteer, nonprofit organization that works to advocate and promote arts and music education in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.

CDL/Hybrid - Bus Info

CDL/Hybrid - District, First Student Bus Company Launch FirstView Bus Tracking App

In partnership with First Student, the district is launching FirstView, a bus tracking, and parent communication app for your smartphone or desktop. The app can provide additional information for parents and students, including the general location and direction of individual buses as well as timestamps for school arrivals and departures.

The app also allows students and parents to set up push or email notifications that alert when a bus close. While the district is launching this app, please understand that it is a new system for the district and for First Student. It uses sophisticated technology that depends on many components to function. Parent feedback is helpful as First Student continues to fine-tune and improve this resource.

To learn more about the FirstView App, including how to download and use this resource, please visit the district website.

CDL/Hybrid-WKOP - Want to stay informed on 2019 Capital Bond Progress?

To receive important updates regarding 2019 Capital Bond news, please subscribe to the WLWV-Bond-Information ListServ. The district will provide regular ListServ emails with important project updates, information about community meetings for major projects, and more. To learn more about the 2019 Capital Bond, including the tentative bond timeline, please visit the Bond Website.