What is a conclusion?

What is a conclusion?

A conclusion is an end or finish of an event or process.

What is a Modified Focus?

A Modified Focus is basically rewriting the focus statement in the introduction, but it helps the reader focus back on the main topic.

What is a Modified Thesis?

A Modified Thesis is basically the Thesis Statement in the introduction , but you rewrite it to change it up for it to get the reader back on the main topic.

What is a Challenge Statement?

A Challenge Statement is basically the Lead, Hook, and Grabber in the introduction, but you leave a lasting impression on the reader and then the last thing you would do is put a comment that should challenge the reader to think critically about the topic.

What does a conclusion do?

  • The conclusion reinforced and built on the main point(s) in a way the made the piece a cohesive whole.

  • The ending may have restated the main points, responded to them, or highlighted their significance.


-rewrite the statements with new words. Do not change the meaning.

How are all of the pieces of a conclusion connected?

All of the pieces of a conclusion are connected by a Modified Focus, Modified Thesis, and a Challenge Statement.

What are helpful hints/tricks that you use as a writer to help you with this content?

I use the introduction to help with conclusion because all you have to do is change the intro into a conclusion.

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