Cordelia Hills Staff Update


Principal's Message

Happy Monday! In my infinite late night Twitter scrolling I came across a tweet from a teacher. She says:

"One of the most exhausting parts of life right now is explaining to my non-educator family members why I can't 'just stop working.' Yes I prepped my content for months but logistics like breakout rooms, attendance checks, responding to FlipGrid videos don't just happen."

I know I was finding myself drowning in the negative vibes of how difficult this is for every one. Acknowledging that difficulty is important but I hope you know you are amazing and that leadership from this office or from your room will be successful when we turn off the noise and focus on the babies that need us and the peers who need to collaborate. Love you all.

Mrs. O's Monday Stance

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MAP Testing

Our goal is to have assessment scores for all students in both math and reading. PLEASE keep holding make-up MAP assessment sessions to get these completed by the 18th.

***Information From Last Week***

Please have your kids check there computer/device a day before testing: have students type in the search bar : If the device says- not passed check -Have kids push- Control/Shift/0- and wait a minute. This should fix their resolution so you can move on.

*You may want to test in SMALLER groups and push out asynchronous work for the remainder of the day. That way you can let students who need "extra" time get the "extra" time. Please make sure your parents are aware of your test schedule!

Action Items

MAP Data is in, Now What?

Many of you are MAP Data Veterans. Here is a short presentation (authored by a peer) on MAP Data as you dig into the data. I do believe this data should be combined with other data points that you are using.

What Is Map?

**Competition Alert**

Hosting a Virtual Field Trip, Guest Speaker, Museum Tour, Trip to Space?!

Let me know and invite me to join!

1. Set up a special or unique Virtual Experience for your class.

2. Invite me to your Virtual Learning Experience

3. Win Prizes!

No pressure. I am just looking for unique or special ways to amp up the excitement of virtual learning and community building.

Staff meeting

Just a reminder that we have a staff meeting on Tuesday, September 15. The link for the meeting is here: and you can also find the meeting link in our CHE calendar. If you don't have access to that calendar, please email me and I will send you an invite.


Please avoid Weaponizing Attendance

  • Use A (Absent) and P (Participated/Present)
  • You now have 7 days in which they retroactively correct/update attendance (between the hours of 7:30am and 5:30pm each day).
  • You no longer have to decipher if a student met certain criteria for participation. The State has clarified that if a student participated in either synchronous or asynchronous instruction for any portion of the day, the student should be counted as Present.
  • Please remember that we do want all children to attend synchronous lessons and that is the messaging provided in the office; however, any portion of the synchronous lesson or completion of asynchronous work will count as present. Please do not confuse attendance for achievement.

Chromebook Distribution/Chromebook Repairs/HOT SPOTS

Chromebook Distribution

CB distribution Is still underway to new families. Email or have families email her. She will arrange a time for pick-up. Some families are using their own and that is okay. Originally, we thought MAP would have to take place on a District device but we now know that isn't true. Chromebook or Laptop are preferred over an iPad.

Chromebook Repair/Replacement

We are experiencing a large number of Chromebook breaks with the ones newly delivered by TSS. Have families fill this form out: Maily will receive the form and will arrange a time for pick-up/repair.


If a family needs internet support, one option is a hotspot. If you have a family that needs a hotspot, please email me We are closing in on the end of current hotspot capacity but I will add names to the distribution I currently have requests from several of you but am waiting on the actual hotspots to be delivered so thank you for the patience!

Packets/Paper Materials

Some of you have asked about getting paper materials to families. I am fine with that. I currently have Thursday as our scheduled day for pick-up. If you have families that need paper packets of materials, ESPECIALLY K/1, then get me the materials by Thursday and I will get them distributed them to families between 9-2 on those days (I am flexible).

Remember, we can't request that they HAVE to print materials. Also, packets/paper can't substitute for Daily Live Interaction. Sending a packet of work home won't cut it for participation in distance learning. It can only be a supplement to the robust learning you are giving online.

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Online Training

The following training's must be completed by every staff member:

There will be time on the first workday but I know some of you would rather just get them done now. You don't need to alert me to their completion as the system tracks that. I would keep a certificate or screenshot in case someone doesn't believe you finished them.

Site Safety Protocols

1. Please email/text anytime you expect to be on campus before your scheduled contract day.

2. Please complete the self-screener before coming in to campus. You don't need to submit the screener each time. Please notify me if you are ill.

3. All staff must wear a mask at all times while working at their work stations or in classrooms with others. A mask must be worn by classified staff even when they are socially distanced. Staff who is working alone in a room or building may take their mask off.

4. While staff are working and having conversations with one another, ensure they maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing and are wearing a mask.

5. Staff Lounge may be used to warm up food or to store food (currently). Please wear a mask and distance in the lounge.

6. Please contact the office before entering.

7. The staff workroom is accessible but please wear a mask and remember to distance.