FTW Indicum

Jan 2014


What an incredible year!! I am privileged to have met all of you all!!! There have been so many huge milestones posted by all of you. Seriously?? 100lb increases over 5 lifts in 10 weeks??!!! We have such a strong determined gym-I love it!!! I really don't know what to say other than it really chokes me up that with all the choices in gyms and exercise programs you all have put your trust in me and FTW. My goal is to make everyone even better in 2014. New expansion, new equipment, better programing, awesome new employees, and of course our genuine love for people and making you better while keeping you safe!!!

I know this newsletter is VERY short, but Feb will be longer to make up for it, time just got away from me this holiday season with the expansion. Great job everyone this year. Be proud of what you have accomplished!!

59 Degrees isn't so bad!!

What is your Kryptonite by Nate Miyaki

You are a bad ass. We know that. Superman is a bad ass too, but even he has one weakness that he must stay away from to maximize his superhero powers. As a strength or physique athlete, chances are you have the commitment and discipline of a warrior. But each of us has our own kryptonite.

There's one environment or situation that has the potential to pull us off track more than anything else. We know we have immediate short-term goals we're working towards, but if we're exposed to our kryptonite, we're powerless against its draw. This screws up the most efficient path to achieving our goals.

For me, it's the booze. I'm your Japanese Zen master, but I'm also half Irish. I like to drink. I don't sip to socialize. I drink to get drunk. And it's not because I have a physiological need or am unhappy or need to drown my sorrows or use it as an escape from dealing with the world. I just like to party and get shit-faced every once in awhile. It's fun. I'm a happy drunk.

But I also know that when I drink, I EAT like shit. It's a trigger. I feel like crap the next day, and I train like crap the next couple of days. If I'm trying to peak for something or achieve an athletic goal, the answer is simple: I stay away from the bars and clubs. I know my kryptonite, and I don't put myself in situations where it will overtake my otherwise rock-solid discipline.

Identify your kryptonite — the situation(s) that always seem to pull you off track. Be honest with yourself. Maybe it's time to avoid those situations for a little while so you can stay focused on the task at hand — getting strong and getting big and/or getting ripped.

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices, hard sacrifices, to reach the top of the mountain.

What's your kryptonite?

Michelle has taken to CrossFit like a duck to water. Starting right off at 5 days a week, in just a few short weeks, she has changed her two year, post baby, lazy lifestyle back into the former athlete she used to be. Down many many inches and 8lbs on the scale, she has been doing a great job!! Congrats on your new fit life and way to represent FTW!!