Kinder Room Fortnightly Journal

15.09 - 26.09

Dear families,

How's everyone's life being? During school holiday time, our kinders still had heaps of fun and learning with friends and teachers. We explored a lot of things about animals such as making spider web and observe and feel a real octopus. We drew ourselves from mirror, and made sun catchers with just oil and paper. we also learnt to paint our names with masking tape etc. Enjoy your reading! See you soon!

kinder team ^_^

From Group 1

Spider Web

This week we are exploring animals in different ways. The other day after morning circle children decided to make a spider web across the purple mat area! Josephine found some plastic strings to attach with lockers and shelves, we set some puppies and "treasure" on one side of the web and we crawling and crossing very gently over the spider web to get the treasure or to rescue other trapped animals. It was such a fun active time we had. Some children started to interested in the height of the web, they tried to measure themselves with the web and each other. Some children went to art corner made some spiders and other insects to hang on the web. they started to role play pretend themselves are one of the insects who may or may not caught by spiders.

Self Portrait

Encourage children to draw themselves has lots of benefits such as:

- Building their sense if identity.

- Promoting their self awareness and imagination.

- Build up fine motor skills

- Encourage their creativity.

the other day Josephine set up few mirrors in front of them so they can look at themselves and draw what they can see in the mirror. Those pictures are just fantastic and full of creativity! Looking at pictures maybe you can guess who is the wonderful artist behind it!

Making Name with Sticky Tape and Paint

Nikki showed us that we could create an art with our name by using sticky tape and paint. We concentrated made our name pattern using the sticky tape. It is okay to ask assistance from our teacher if we need it. We were so proud with the result of our hard work.

From Group 2