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Beginning of Semester Course Set Up

The following guidelines will provide you with information about setting up your courses – make sure to bookmark the link in the instructions below for future use.

As you set up your course, SAVE everything! Choose a place (Google Drive, OneNote, Evernote, Word, Excel, etc.) and save everything you use throughout the semester. If you teach the same course again, you'll have everything ready to go. If you teach a different course, you will be able to tweak what you've saved and reuse it!

How to Get Started In Your Course

Course Set-Up Instructions

  1. Go to this link and Click on: "Beginning the Semester" tab to find the set-up instructions for the Spring 2019:
  2. This will bring up the course set-up instructions. I just go through these, page-by-page, until I've finished setting up my course.


If you haven't already joined Yammer, do so now, especially the "Resources" group! Folks are always posting late stamps and other fun graphics to use in your course, saving YOU time!

Some Extra Goodies to Help Make the Start of the Semester Easier.

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Every Thursday morning, you will need to enter zeros. When students don't turn in something that was due that week, you will need to put a zero in for that assignment and include the late stamp for that week as feedback. If students have extensions, its helpful to put the late stamp with their extension in the feedback. These feedback stamp documents have been updated for the new late policy effective Fall 2018.
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I found these two welcome images in Yammer.
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Students sometimes submit files in a format we can't read, especially at the beginning of the semester. The first time they do this, they get 3 school days to turn in a file we CAN read. After that, they earn a zero. If they turn in a replacement assignment before the original due date, I will regrade. I also try to email them to let them know the assignment was in the wrong format since they might not check their feedback, especially if it was a project.
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I use this stamp in the feedback portion of the gradebook for any assignment that I've made EXEMPT due to a student's reduced coursework accommodations.
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Students often ask how to view quiz feedback. Rather than explaining, I send them this image and tell them to let me know if they have any questions.