War of 1812

Obviously in 1812

The War of 1812

The second war for American independence. Fought between Britain and the United states between 1812 and 1815. Happening because of many different causes and happening in many different regions.

Impressment Continues

The British are still blocking our American ships from exporting any goods. If we don't do anything soon we'll go down in money and we won't be able to calm everyone down.

Native American Attacks

Happening on the Eastern boarder of the Louisiana territory. The British have instigated the Native Americans to attack us. We have to stop the British and the Native Americans from attacking us. One way or another.

The Native American Chief Tecumseh

He has tried to unite all tribes together to form one unified army of Native Americans. But only in the Indiana territory is he trying to unite them. We have William Henry Harrison, who has finally stopped some of the rebellion at the battle of Tippecanoe.

The War Hawks

Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun are younger than most. They have been encouraging war with Britain for some time now. They say if we go to war it will be for America's honor, but we can't afford war. We try to gain Canada, which is British territory.

The War of 1812

Saturday, Nov. 14th 1812 at 9pm

Invasion of Canada

We tried to invade Canada. Which didn't work out very well. We tried many different tactics to try and get into Canada and each one failed.

Chesapeake Campaign

Saturday, Nov. 14th 1812 at 9pm

Chesapeake Bay

We have a new state, Washington DC. British march through here and burn down the white house, making the president flee. We got to Fort McHenry safely. Francis Scott King wrote the Star spangled banner, what a wonderful piece of music.

The US Gains Respect

After winning The War of 1812, we have finally gained respect for our newborn country. It'll show everyone else how tough we really are and we won't have to put up with anyone else's drama.

US respects Canada as a Britain neighbor

We have given up on trying to gain Canada for our own uses. We have finally accepted them as neighbors instead of enemies.

Native Americans Lose Power and Land

The Native Americans were defeated. Now that we have a new president in office, he's going to take away their land, which means less power for them.

Strong Feeling of Nationalism

We have a strong feeling of Nationalism now. We have gained our right to stand alone as a new country of freedom. We shall not be looked down upon again.