1960's makeup

the makeup of the 1960s was all about the eyes in particular the eyelashes were the force or opening of the eye. The shadow was often bold in colors such as blue. the 1960s was also the beginning of the cat eyeliner. blacck eyeliner was most common. women applied fake eye lashes for a way more bold look and they applied black mascara. The rest of the face was more sudle. A matte look was popular, created with both liquid foundation and some powder. blush was also very popular at this time. mostly a peach shade. during these days women would also wear primer to even out the face . the makeup of this time did not contain any shimmer or shine. colors were flat. the lip color was a nive peach or pink but not blond at all. very simple and nice.

1960s women hair

the 1960s women hair mostly consist of short length to the chin or neck. The hair was frizzy and big. with a curl at the bottom and a bump at the top. the hair had a lot of volume and was never really long. When you had long hair in the 1960's you would mostly wear very big curls and it also had a lot of volume or you wore it completely straight. These days consist of a lot of volume in the hair and very short hair. The hair was very important to the ladies in the 1960s most people had the same hair style or had the same idea going when they tried to do there hair. it was the thing to have the hair the same.
Fashion 60´s
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