Robert E Lee

By: Hunter Webster and Michael Freeman

Early years?

-Born January 19th, 1807, Stratford Hill V.A

-He attended West Point Military Academy

-His extended family members included a president, a chief of justice, and some signers of the Declaration of Independence.

- His father was Henry Lee, nickname: "Light Horse Harry"

-His mom was Anne Hill Carter Lee


Contribution to the Civil War?

-He was the Confederate general during the Civil War

-Confedrate leader

Life after the Civil War?

-Robert became president of a small college.

-Robert returned to Richmond with his family,living in a city

-Robert was a superintendent of west point early in his military career.

-Died October 12,1870

-The Arlington House,Robert E. Lee memorial


interesting facts?

-Robert mother Ann Carter,came from a wealthy family.

-Robert E. Lee first combat was Mexican-American War.

-Robert loved cats and horses

-Died in front of his family

-Had a amazing beard