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Josip Čović

About me


My name is Josip and I'm a regular 16 year old teenager. I have two older sisters who currently live with me. My hobbies consist of playing basketball and playing the piano. I also play basketball in a club called "Bosco" which is a small church club.

How I spend my free time?

If I have my laptop around I usually play computer games, I also go out with my friend who just happens to be my neighbour. We usually go out on the school basketball court and play basketball for a few hours. When I'm not out or on my laptop, I like to spend time playing the piano.

What I watch / listen to?

I have a very weird taste in music. Most of the music i listen to is rock, but my music taste consists of many more types of music (pop, rock,...). On the other hand if i have nothing to do, I spend most of the time watching tv shows and movies. My favorite tv show is "The Game of Thrones" and my favorite movie is called "Edge of tomorrow" which is based on a book.

How I spent my summer?

My summer was pretty fun. I went to my family's vacation home which is located on a small island called "Šolta". It's pretty fun over there, we are located in a small cove called "Nečujam". Most of the day time we spend swimming and jumping off of cliffs. We go snorkeling and diving. During night time we go out and play football, sometimes we go to the hotel and play 8-ball pool.

What do I read?

Well my taste in books is very specific. I personally love science fiction books and I'm currently reading "The Maze Runner: The Schorch Trials". I also like crimi-mystery books such as Sherlock Holmes. The magazines I read are mostly computer based, such as "Bug" and "Reboot".