Physical Exams


Mammograms are Breast cancer screenings for women. They are mainly for women between the ages of 40 and 75, since before the age of 40 the results can be not be beneficial, women should have one every 2 years. The Mammograms mainly detect breast cancer, which can not be prevented, so finding it in the early stags is the best way to stop it

Pap smears.

Pap smears are a medical examination of a woman's Cervix, and is done to find infections, and cancer. Woman should start getting these at the age of 21, and every 3 years. A pap smear looks for abnormal uterine cells, which can lead to cancer. This cannot be prevented so getting these checkups is very important.

Testicular Exams.

Testicular exams are for males, and looks for testicular cancer. Men between the ages of 15-30 should have these done every month. This exam looks for cancer, and there is no way to prevent the cancer, but finding it early is a good way to stop it from getting worse.

Prostate Exams

Prostate Exams look for Prostate cancer. Prostate exams should be given to males over the age of 75, and should have one every 4 years. The can only detect Prostate cancer, and can't be prevented but the early detection can help stop the cancer.