Ms. Crooke's Weekly Newsletter

June 1, 2016

Sterling Education-Learning to Learn

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Upcoming Events

*Don't forget to send receipts for Shoparoo!
*June 7th- 6th Grade Celebration and Volunteer Recognition 10:00am
*June 7th- Spring Concert 1:15pm
*June 8th- Rockin' Air Show (Final Projects) 1:00pm
*June 7th-9th- Mr. Borys is visiting.
*June 10th- Local Presentation Day 11:00pm
*June 13th-14th- No School
*June 15th- Sports Day
*June 16th- Presentation Day
*June 17th- Travel Recovery Day
**Enjoy your summer!!!**

6th Grade Celebration/Volunteer Recognition

Tuesday, June 7th, 10am

8042 Gleason Drive

Knoxville, TN

NOTE: The time has changed to 10:00 am. You are invited! We will be celebrating the 6th graders and recognizing those parents who served as a DA, drove a bus, chaperoned a field trip, or did anything to help out! Please RSVP to Ms. Crooke or Mrs. Cooper so we know how many people will be eating.

Spring Concert

Tuesday, June 7th, 1:15pm

8042 Gleason Drive

Knoxville, TN

Rockin' Air Show

Wednesday, June 8th, 1pm

8042 Gleason Drive

Knoxville, TN

You are invited to the Elementary Rockin' Air Show! Join us at 1:00pm for some demonstrations and walk through the 3/4 Rock Photo Essay display. Immediately following, we will make our way out to the court area for the 5/6 Air Show. Our students have worked very hard on their final projects and would love for you to see them!
***NOTE: Because high school students will be taking CIE exams during this time, you will need to park in the lower parking lot or the side of the upper parking lot closest to the dumpster and come through the lower level doors. Thank you!

Campus Presentation Day

Friday, June 10th, 11am

8042 Gleason Drive

Knoxville, TN

What are we learning?

  • Unit 4- Dare to Dream (Flight)
  • 5th grade: Chapter 11- Measurement
  • 6th grade: Chapter 11- Statistical Measures
  • Flight Unit
Social Studies
  • Wright brothers
  • History of flight
  • Aviation Pioneer Hall of Fame

Donations for Cocoa

As of June 13th, Cocoa will have a permanent home found through Hops and Lops: Tennessee Rabbit Rescue. The organization founder requires a donation to help with her care. We are asking for help with this in the form of either cash or gift card (Walmart or a pet store). Any amount will be greatly appreciated! If you would like to help, please send any donations to school by Friday, June 10th. Thank you!

Ms. Crooke's Contact Info

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