Irresistible mochi

For an early bird price of $2 per box

Starring a new brand of mochi in town. The Irresistible!

So tasty and sweet, you just can't stay away from them. One second with out them is like a life without light. You'll want to eat more and more. You just can't stop. YOU CAN'T RESIST THE FORCE OF THE MOCHI. No worries! We went ahead and made it healthy so you can enjoy with out having to think about any bad outcomes. Good for people and animal with sweet tooth especially.

What Honey-Senpai says

Cake as you know is something I can't resist but now there's a change! Cute Irresistible mochi is in town. Cake was once my only love but it was so hard to eat since it was unhealthy so mori-senpai (my friend ) prevented no matter what to not let me it. But i won't give up until that day i encountered the irresistible mochi at doki doki bakery. It was so sweet and delightful and because its healthy mori-senpai approved! Now everyday I eat 42 mochi a day. I can't stop eating and i won't stop eating mochi. I don't care about cake anymore. Mochi is my soulmate.

P.S. please continue secretly sending the extra 325 mochi boxes.

Irresistible mochi is ten times better than regular mochi! and here's why!

They'll make you say "aww" and "mmm".

Our mochi are made with revere and kawaii (cute) faces with lovely colors from pink, green white and more. They're just irresistible. We have more than 20 flavor combinations and for a limited time our famous bunny mochi are here! We have a new set of hello kitty mochi in store. These mochi are only available at doki doki bakery. Our tastes are so scrumptious if you hold back to take a nibble it'll only make it more painful. Go ahead and take a bite.

Tastier and better!

CAUTION! The power of the irresistible mochi will drag you in no matter what.