Discovery of 3 Geographic Features!

21st Century Explorer Assignment

Angel Falls

I've found a geographical feature called a waterfall. A waterfall is basically a cascade of water falling from a height that is formed when a river or stream flows over a steep incline, almost like a vertical river in a way. It can be shaped by erosion, but the geographical feature itself is simply water running down a precipice or a rocky ledge. Waterfalls can be anywhere where this is a river or a stream, but the particular one I've discovered is in Bolivar, Venezuela called "Angel Falls" by the natives. The natives themselves seem to avoid it, they don't have use of it other than to collect water and live off of the flora and fauna that thrive on the river water.

San Andreas Fault

I also stumbled upon a feature I call a fault, a crack in the Earth's surface, while I was roaming in California. A fault is caused by two of the Earth's tectonic plates sliding past each other, the tension release when this happens can also cause frequent earthquakes surrounding the area of a fault line. They aren't located in any particular place, they essentially occur wherever the Earth's plates meet. The one I've found is called the San Andreas fault and it stretches almost all the way across the state of California located in the western United States. The locals surrounding it don't go near the fault itself, but have many cautionary methods to prevent the earthquakes that often occur due to the fault.
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The Ring of Fire

Finally I have learned of a geographic feature called The Ring of Fire. It is a huge area of the Pacific Ocean that is surrounded by active volcanoes and plagued by earthquakes. It is in a horseshoe shape and is a hot spot for plate boundary movement. Due to all of the plate boundaries in the area there are many oceanic trenches and volcanoes caused by convergent plate boundaries, earthquakes due to transform plate boundaries, and mid oceanic ridge caused by divergent plate boundaries in that part of the Pacific Ocean. Due to the Ring of Fire there are very few natives and locals because of the volcanoes and earthquakes destructive qualities.