Canadian Travels

By: Talia Hassell

Experience the beauties of Canada's history and natural environment. It's a magical place to visit, especially in the winter time!

Where People Live in Canada and Why

The majority of Canadians live close to the border with the United States because of the location's climate, trade, and natural resources. New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia are the provinces bordering the US. Trade and climate are two factors that explain the choice of many Canadians to live close to the US-Canada border. The United States and Canada share the longest border in the world and are the largest trading partners globally. There are no tariffs on many goods shipped between the US and Canada in accordance with the Canadian-American Free Trade Agreement.

Climate is another reason why many Canadians choose to live close to the border. The south-western coast of Canada enjoys a relatively mild climate, and in the southern provinces, temperatures often surpass 30 °C during the summer months. While the south-eastern and western regions experience high rainfall, the Prairies receive little precipitation.

There are Also Many Famous Places in Canada

Environmental Issues of Canada

The three main environmental issues in Canada are acid rain in the great lakes, mining in the Canadian shield, and extracting timber throughout Canada.

Acid Rain in the Great Lakes

Acid rain is caused by factories and car exhaust. It raises the lake's acidity level which can harm organisms in that area. However, there are solutions to this problem. For example, you can place limestone in the lake since it creates a chemical reaction and turns the water neutral when mixed with the acid.

Mining in the Canadian Shield

The over extraction and use of natural resources is harming the area. Mines contaminate the soil, water, and they disrupt the local ecosystem. They are over mining minerals and natural resources. in order to eliminate this problem, we will have to reduce the amount of mining in that area.

Extracting Timber Throughout Canada

Timber in a 10,000 year old forest is being cut down for paper products. They are over extracting the trees in the forest. It's endangering the lives of animals that live in the ecosystem. One solution to this problem is to only use wood from renewable resources.

Canadian Government

How is Canada a constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy, and a federation?

What is the the role of the citizen in Canada with regards to voting and personal freedoms?

Canadian Government (continued)

Canada's government is a Constitutional Monarchy because their constitution lists the powers of the government. However, Canada has a Federal Government System which shares power between the national government and the ten provinces and three territories. Lastly, Canada is also a Parliamentary Democracy because the parliament is the legislative branch of government.

The roles of the citizen of regards to voting and personal freedoms are pretty good. They elect representatives to the House of Commons Then, the leader of the party with the most elected members of Parliament acts as the Prime Minister, or the head of state.