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Friday, January 22

Upcoming Dates & Events

  • Jan 25 - The 21 Day Challenge starts! Be sure you've registered (see below).
  • Jan 29 - Good Morning, Hosp! and Jump Rope for Heart Kickoff at 8am
  • Feb 1 - PTA Meeting & 1st Grade Musical Performance at 6:30pm
  • Feb 3 - Walk to School Day (see details below)
  • Feb 19 - PTA Diverse Abilities Day

**Reminder - No Front Drop Offs in the AM**

There is NO dropping off at the front doors in the mornings, unless your student arrives after 7:50am and is coming to the office for a tardy slip.
  • This includes tutoring, choir, clubs.....everyone comes in the Pod 3 doors at the back of the campus.
  • The only parents parking in the front should be Watchdogs, those who have a meeting with staff or those needing to speak with the office about their student.
  • Not following this procedure slows down the car line for other parents and most importantly, is very unsafe for students.
  • Now that students know they can exit curbside on their own (and don't have to wait for someone to open their door) once they reach a cone, the car line is moving much faster!

Hosp Choir to Perform at the Texas Legends Game!

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Just a Few More Days to Donate Shoes!

The current leader for the shoe collection is 4th grade with 41 pairs of shoes! 1st grade is holding second place, and 2nd grade is close behind in third place.

It's not over yet so please continue to bring your donations through Thursday, January 28th! See details below.

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Need to Reference an Old Parent Newsletter?

Find this year's prior Hosp Headlines by visiting the Hosp website and clicking on the Resource tab (shown below). You'll see links for each publishing date this school year. Just click here to bookmark the Hosp Website!
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21 Day Challenge Starts Monday!

Be sure to register here by Sunday, Jan 24th - it's fast, easy & free!

Coaches Morgan, Bustamante and Brown want to beat Nichols, Bledsoe and Sparks Elementary by having the healthiest school. Hosp staff is signing up too!

For healthy snack ideas, click here.

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Jump Rope for Health Fundraiser Kickoff is Jan 29th!

See details below and register here!
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