New Yourk, Washinston, D.C , San Francisco

New Yourk.

New York is located in the Northeast of America. New York is the first largest city in America.The Waterfall Niagara is in New York. Niagara is a Falls in New York is one of the Best tourist in NY, There is a new York has the Statue of Liberty So many tourists visit in the New York, So there are many attractions and want to travel to New York.

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Washinston, D.C

There is White House in Washington. White House live in a President. I want the president to go to live in the White House.There are sixty million people in Washington.and European small town in Washington to feel to be in Georgetown.

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San Francisco.

The Golden Gate Bridge is in San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is 2789meters long and 227meters above the water. It took 50 minutes to cross the bridge by walk.There is a China Town in San Francisco.There is a Cable car in San Francisco. The Cable car is very famous in San Francisco so many people used.

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