Fats/ Lipids

Ryan Schneider

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Lipids are naturally occurring molecules that store energy. They come in the form of fats, waxes, and sterols. They are hydrophobic or amphiphillic molecules. Despite common beleifs, lips and fats are not the same thing, fats are a type of lipid. The main function of lipids in the body is the storage of energy.



Dairy Products

Meat and other Animal Products

What happens when you have too many? Too little?

A diet over abundant with lipids can lead to cardiovascular problems and issues such as heart disease and stroke. Having too few lipids in your system would mean that you lack energy and can also cause vitamin deficiency.
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Acrostic and interesting facts

Lipids cover a wide array of things such as fats, oils, and acids

In animal products, mostly dairy is where you find the most lipids

Potentially fatal to solely intake foods high in lipids

It's possible to have heart disease if you have too many lipids in your system

Different fats and fatty acids are catagorized by their consistency

Some lipids are used in cells on a molecular level