Ernest Hemingway


Interesting Facts:

1. he has five siblings

2. he has been married four times

3. he has three children

4. he commited suicide in Idaho

5. he has won five major awards in his lifetime including the nobal prize for literature

6. for the first years of his life he was dressed in girls clotheing

7. he was a heavy drinker

8. he tried to commit suicide two times before actually succeding

9. he wasn't the only one in his family to commit suicde, five other family members took their lives

10. while living in paris in 1928, he accidentally left a trunk of clothing and other items at the Ritz Hotel. He returned nearly 30 years later, and the hotel returned the trunk to him, still completely intact.

11. he had lived in 4 different countries and frequently took trips to 4 others

12. he often slept with a nightlight after returning from war

13. before he died he survived multiple times from car and plane crashes, hurricanes, diseases, and other freak accidnets

14. he was never confermed as a soldier in world war I

15. he was a hunter

16. he had depression

17. he said so himself that he loves bullfighting

18. he had high blood pressure and liver problems

19. his grandaughter commited suicide on the anniversity of her grandfathers death

20. he was really a volunteer in world war I

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