Friday Review

Friday, March 9, 2018

Thoughts from Mrs. Lewis....

  • If students communicate suicidal or homicidal intentions to you, your FIRST point of contact should be an administrator IMMEDIATELY.

  • Reminder: If you are not working on Friday, March 23 (Optional TWD), please go ahead and put your absence in KRONOS (NOT AESOP). This must be done before Wednesday, March 21, 2018. You may use Personal Leave, Annual Leave or Leave Without Pay!

  • Core teachers: Planning days will be held on Monday, March 26 (ELA/SS) and Tuesday, March 27 (Science/Math) with Carver at Scotland High School. Audrey has already arranged your subs in AESOP. if you have any questions, please see Mrs. Lewis.

  • Please be reminded that we will have our first ever 3rd Nine Weeks Awards Program on March 29 at 9:00am in the gym. For those students who will be receiving an award (including new awards and A or A/B Honor Roll), please include an invitation to those students ONLY in their report card. Invitations will be available in the mail room. Elective teachers will send their award names to staff members through a Google Doc. Please ensure these students receive an invitation too. Names for certificates should be sent in a timely manner.

  • Since we haven't done a great job with announcing the March 29th THE VOICE and Variety Show, the date to have no OSS and ISS will begin on Thursday, March 7th.

  • Teachers, mark your calendars! We will need you for remediating and re-testing at the end of the year. Please make plans to be available to help out. We usually see HUGE gains in proficiency with strategic planning!!! (After EOGs and on the work days for retesting)

  • The proposed EOY Testing Dates (Any feedback should be sent to Mrs. Lewis by Wed., March 13th)- Science 8 EOG: Friday, 5/25; Middle School NCFEs (Social Studies or Science): Tuesday, 5/29; 6-8 Reading EOG: Wednesday, 5/30; 6-8 Math EOG/MS Math I: Thursday, 5/31; Middle School NCFEs (Social Studies or Science): Friday, 6/1

  • Enjoy the Best Practices Smore (From Cabinet)

  • Go Guardian Tool (From Cabinet)

  • Middle School Conference Goers...Meeting on Monday, March 12 at 4:00 (Conference Room)

  • EVERYONE is invited to enjoy a Paraffin Wax Spa Day on Monday, March 12 - See Handout

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General Reminders

  • Are you entering grades weekly? This is a school and district expectation.

  • FROM CABINET - Full DPI report concerning discipline in- significant improvements - one category was recognized by the state. Provides dropout and discipline data - biggest celebration is dropout rate; 2.31 for NC - slight increase; Scotland one of several - largest 3 year decrease; we are on target to do better this year; graduation rate is at the highest ever; reportable crimes decreased statewide; suspensions and expulsions - decrease statewide - Scotland had significant improvement to prior years

  • Employee Health Fair - March 23 - 7:30-10:30 SHS; Blood Drive will take place at Sycamore Lane Elementary in the gym - 10:00-2:30 - will be a community blood drive; more details to come; thanks to schools who have placed the flyers

  • Staff, we are headed into the home stretch. It is important that we tighten up on discipline and hold the fort down. Spring and the end of year is coming.

  • A meeting was held on Friday with 8th grade students concerning Prom Requirements and Dress Guidelines. Students who receive OSS or more than 2 ISS referrals will be ineligible to attend. Details are attached.

  • Benchmarks will be held on the days listed below. Mr. Dunham will send out details of the schedule and specifics of testing.
    Wed (Mar 14) ELA Benchmark
    Fri (March 16) Math Benchmark
    Monday (Mar 19) Science Benchmark and/or Comprehensive Test for 6/7 Science and Social Studies Classes

  • Students leaving for buses has gotten better, but it is important that you are monitoring students at the end of the day. Please refer back to your bus list given at the beginning of the year to ensure students do not leave prematurely.

  • Congratulations to Carson Buie whose poster entry for the Carolina Career Development Contest has been selected at the state level. She will know move on to the National Level. Congratulations to Carson!

  • REMINDER: Grade level teachers need to walk students to Elective classes, not just drop off in the lobby. Elective teachers will walk back students to their grade level classrooms after Electives.

  • A reminder that this is the first year that 8th grade students enrolled in NC Math I will not be required to take the 8th grade Math EOG. Scores for students taking NC Math I in 8th grade will only count for the middle school and will not be banked for the high school. Please ensure that 8th grade Math teachers are preparing separate lessons for 8th grade Math and NC Math I.
  • Utilizing your Canvas course container is an effective way to continue instruction during school closing or delays. If they have questions or need guidance, please direct them to either Kevin Combs or Candice Freeman for assistance.
  • Make sure to notify administration or Mrs. Fehlman when you suspect child abuse or neglect. See the agreement between SCS and DSS here:

  • From Cabinet- just a reminder that your teachers should be entering their own absences in AESOP. The school bookkeeper or no other staff should be putting in absences for anyone unless there is an emergency that arises.

  • Do you have paper on your door or covering your door window? If so, please remove due to fire code violations.
  • IT is an expectation that planning takes place each week and that all teachers are present and all time. Even if you are 2 weeks ahead, planning should take place each week for the entire time.

  • Are you calling parents??? Make sure you are calling parents regarding attendance concerns (and document such). When we go to court, it helps when we can show ALL the contacts that have been made from the school (not just from PowerSchool letters and Social Worker contacts) (From Cabinet)]

March 2018

Monday, March 12 – BB / SB Home 4:15pm; Middle School Conference Goers Meeting 4pm (Conference Room); Paraffin Wax Spa Day
Tuesday, March 13 – Soccer Away @ Anson 4:15pm
Wednesday, March 14 – Principal Leadership; Benchmark Window (Mar 14 – 22); ELA Benchmark
Thursday, March 15 – AP Leadership; BB / SB Home 4:15pm

Friday, March 16- PBIS TLC (20 scans); Hockey Field Trip; Math Benchmark
Saturday, March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day – Wear Green
Monday, March 19 - BB / SB vs, Carver @ SHS 6:00pm; Science Benchmark (8th) and Science Assessment (6/7)

Tuesday, March 20 – SIT Meeting at 4:00; Track Away @ Hoke 4:00pm

Wednesday, March 21 – Wacky Wednesday (Fast Food Gift Card Pack); Kick Butts Day (Stand against Tobacco); BB / SB Away @ Anson Blue 4:15pm
Thursday, March 22 – PBIS TLC (15 scans); 7th Grade Field Trip; End of 3rd Nine Weeks; Soccer Home 4:15pm
Friday, March 23 – Optional Teacher Workday

Monday, March 26 - BB / SB Home 4:15pm; Benchmark Reward during lunches - Ice cream Sundaes
Tuesday, March 27 - Soccer Home 4:15pm
Wednesday, March 28 – Report Cards Go Home; End of 9 Weeks AR Celebration
Thursday, March 29 – Spring Pictures; Third Nine Weeks Awards Program 9:00am; PBIS Variety Show 2:15pm; BB / SB Away @ Rockingham 4:00pm; Soccer Away @ Sandy Grove 4:15pm
Friday, March 30 (Good Friday) thru Sunday, April 8- Spring Break (No School)

Items for the Friday Review are due to Ms. Audrey Kingston every Thursday by noon.