Efrain Rios Montt

By: Alex Garrison

Efrai Ríos Montt Background

Efrain Ríos Montt was born in Huehuetenango on June 16, 1926. He attended the School of Americas in 1951, ad played a minor role in the successful CIA-organized coup against President Jacob Arbenz Guzmán. After the coup, he quickly rose in the military, until reaching Brigadier General in 1971. In 1974 he ran for president for the FRG party, but lost in an election that many believe to be fixed. He accused the Catholic Church, and made such a fuss over it, that it is reported that he got a payoff of several hundred thousand dollars and a post in the madrid embassy.

Visual Aids

Short and Not So Sweet

Although Ríos Montt ruled for a total of about 17 months, he managed to kill or make "disappear" 1,700 people. And a very large majority of them were unarmed men, women, and children. This was an evil man who had zero regard for human life. He unleashed a scorched earth policy on the nations Mayan population, particularly in Quiché and his home of Huehuetenango. Nearly 1.5 million Mayans were uprooted during his reign. He was finally overthrown in 1983, he was a very hated man throughout his country. In 2008, many genocide cases were filed against him, and he is currently on trial in court for his genocide crimes. This evil man may finally get what he deserves.
Ex-Dictator Rios Montt Stands Trial For Guatemala War Crimes

Video Analysis

While this video is brief, it gives a detailed account of why he is being tried, and has official statistics. It tells the viewer the necessary items, while not going into over detail and losing the viewers attention. The Guatemalan people are sick of Ríos Montt, and putting him on trial is proof. Also as the video refers to, they hope that by trying him, it will discourage anyone from trying to repeat what he had done.

Essential Question

Taking into account Ríos Montt's short reign, was he the most violent dictator in Latin America?


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