Marilyn Monroe Mystery

By: Amber Book

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Who? What? When? Where? How?

On August 5th 1962 in Los Angeles the beloved Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her own home. Discovered by her maid laying face down nude with a phone in her hand and an empty pill bottle next to her. Police ruled out that it was a suicide and this was due from her depression. But was this the real reason why? Or did the Kennedy's kill her?
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Conspiracy or Suicide?

Majority of the people don't believe Monroe killed herself. It's very hard to believe, such a beautiful woman with a promising career; why would she ever do it? It was rumored Marilyn did have depression problems due to her past growing up with a drunk mother. When the police took her to the hospital where they declared her dead they then pushed for an autopsy. The autopsy showed that Monroe didn't have any drugs in her stomach. Therefore the drug that killed her had to be administrated via enema, suggesting that someone else was involved. Due to time elapsed evidence was destroyed, linnens fresh, and a tidy room where Monroe was found. Murray Marilyn Monroe's maid said she discovered Monroe at 3:00am but the police weren't notified untill 4:30am. Why did it take so long to contact the police? Reports conclude that if this was the case then the reason why it took so long to contact police was so the Mafia or the Kennedy's could get away in time.
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Media Portrayals

Media portrayed this in different ways. Newspapers portrayed it as a conspiracy, money and power situation. With the Kennedy's worrying about leaking government secrets and having the money and power that they have they could of paid off the mafia to kill Monroe or Bobby killing her himself. Another way media portrayed this was on live news. They didn't agree so much with conspiracy they believe she slept her way to being famous. Concluding she was depressed because neither one of the Kennedy's wanted to admit to having a relationship with her and when she thretened them she deserved to be hated. They looked at it as more in a feminst way.
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The initial news reports concluding her murder documented that although upsetting there where only two options; suicide or murder. New York Times had stated in their article that it was in fact a sucide and nothing more. Consulting to the autopsy report that the coroner determined it was by a drug overdose (suicide). Another bias was found from a popular blog about conspiracies called "Tangible Information". This popular blogger believes she was indeed killed by the Kennedy's. Having affairs with both brothers and acquiring confidential knowledge and threatening the Kennedy's with coming out with the secrets is exactly why they wanted her dead. Additionally to Monroe's death there are rumors: visitors to the Monroe house earlier that night, Bobby Kennedy being in LA that day, the argument between them that day, the placement of her body and the time had elapsed before the police were notified of her death are all examples of evidence towards this theory.
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There are two different types of criticism in this circumstance. Feminist is one of them, she was the most beautiful bombshell in the world at that time. People were very jealous and envied her. Women thought they would have to look like her in order to be beautiful. She had all the money, power, and beauty any woman had during that time. She was expected to be the sex symbol by men and that's how they wanted her to stay. A lot of men wanted to sleep with her. Such as Bobby and John Kennedy both having affairs with her at different times and taking advantage of her. Also going along with this I see Marxist as a criticism because of the theory of the Kennedy's killing her. They have all the power in the world and have people who keep the most confidential secrets so of course they could get away with it. They are rich as well if they didn't want to do it themselves they could of easily paid off the Mafia to do it. Having all the money, power, and status you can easily get away with anything and have anyone do anything for you.
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My Opinion

I obviously think it is murder or conspiracy. There are so many things the government does that no one knows about I have no doubt in my mind this is what happened to Marilyn Monroe. Such a beautiful icon to me, its sad she didn't get to live her full life. She messed with the wrong people and in return it ended up very bad for her. After reading several articles and acquiring more information about the conspiracy over this blows my mind. She had no drugs in her system? Why didn't they question the Kennedy's about her death? I think the doctors were up to something too because no one looked really deep into her death and I don't think its right at all. I wish the Kennedy's would of got punished for this because they killed her over a mistake they made spreading their confidential information. But her smile and beauty still lives on.
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