When Enough is Enough

Jeanine Fitzgerald - Presenter

Workshop #49738

While crisis is defined from two perspectives: the child’s and the adult’s, the outcome of a crisis is greatly influenced by the actions of the adult. The behaviors that often lead to a crisis situation are aggression and violence. This session examines the structures and techniques designed to prevent aggressive and violent behaviors and attitudes, along with how best to respond when these types of behavior surface. Children are the fastest growing segment of the criminal population in this country and we can and must do something about that.

Date: February 3, 2016

Fee: None

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Location: Region One Education Service Center - Ft. Ringgold Meeting Room


PPCD Teachers, PreK & Kinder Teachers, Resource Teachers, Behavioral Strategiest, K-4 Teachers, Administrators, Supervisors

Contact Information:

Juanita Lovejoy (956) 984-6215


Elizabeth Alvarez (956) 984-6176


Perla Pulido (956) 984-6261