Madison Rentfro and Kayla Schlichting; Block 1


Some physical properties of Lithium are solid metal, soft, low density, silvery white, and low melting point. Some chemical properties are it has high conductivity and is very reactive. Lithium is mainly used in medicine to treat disorders. Lithium can be found in dirt and salt water but mostly found in rocks and granite. Some compounds include Lithium Fluoride, Lithium Chloride, and Lithium Iodine. Lastly, Lithium has two stable isotopes, Lithium-6 and Lithium-7.

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Lithium is a great element! It is used for many things including, long lasting batteries, and used in medicine to help people with disorders. Lithium is an interesting element and has very interesting reactants. It reacts with water and hydrochloric acid. To find lithium it is located in rocks and granite, most of the lithium is mostly found in Sweden and Chile.

Lithium is a great product and would fit great at your company. Duracell needs lithium if you want to compete with the other battery companies. If you have lithium in your batteries then they will last 8 times longer! I hope you consider buying our element!